Top Spiritual Reads on How to Get Close to God

Have you ever desired a deeper spiritual connection with God? No matter what your definition of God, cultivating a connection with your idea of God can give you the peace and comfort that you need in your life. One way to figure out how to get close to God is to read spiritual books. These spiritual books are often written by people who have been on a journey similar to you, and they know what it takes to get closer to God.

As an introduction to spirituality, we’ve compiled some of our favorite spiritual reads on how to get close to God. From teachings on prayer and taking care of your soul, as well as reading scripture and connecting with God through meditation – these are some of the best ways to find spiritual enlightenment. Check out these spiritual books for a new way of living in the digital age.

How to Get Close to God Through Scripture

One way to connect with God in a more traditional way is to read scripture. Both the Old Testament and the New testament is available for free here. There are also many great Bible apps to download, on both Android and Apple devices. Below are different versions of the Bible that are available in ebook versions on Amazon for less than $5.

Get Close to God - Free Holy Bible

How to get close to God - Holy Bible

How to Get Close to God Through Prayer

For many people, prayer is a way to get close to God. Prayer doesn’t always need to be formal or fancy. Sometimes, it’s as simple as pausing for a moment and reflecting on the life you’re living, the person you’re becoming, and what wisdom you might need. Prayer can serve as a form of self-care that helps us connect with our Creator and know we’re not alone in this world. No matter what your religion is, whether you are religious or not, or how often you pray, prayer can provide comfort and encouragement in times of difficulty as well as lead us to a richer understanding of our own beliefs. Here are some books for the who want to practice their faith with prayer.


How to Get Close to God - Worry Less

How to Get Close to God - How to Pray

How to Get Close to God with Meditation

You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to find peace and find a way to get close to God. Meditation is a proven way of calming your mind, finding inner happiness, and as a way to connect with the Divine. It’s been scientifically proven that meditation has many benefits for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. In a world where stress is a constant factor in our daily lives, it’s important to find a way to counteract this. Meditation can help you take back control of your thoughts and feelings by cultivating mindfulness. Not only does this allow you to be present, but the benefits are measurable. In fact, the positive effects of meditation have been shown to surpass those of medication in treating anxiety and depression. These books are a great place to start to cultivate your meditation and mindfulness practice.

How to Get Close to God - Mindfullness  

How to get close to God - Pema Chodron


Getting Close to God through Joy

One way to feel closer to God is through joy. Experiencing joy is a spiritual practice. When we feel joy, we’re in touch with our truest selves and connection with all beings. The goal of spirituality isn’t to be “better than” or “more spiritual than” someone else. It’s about discovering and embracing the joy in every moment. Joy is a natural state when we’ve released any expectations and become present in the moment. If you feel like your life is devoid of joy and spirituality, these books may help you to take a step in the right direction.

How to Get Close to God - Book of Joy 

How to get close to God - Joy Filled Life

There are many ways to connect with your higher power. It is important to find the one that works best for you. Whatever your faith, there is a way to feel closer to God. Prayer, meditation, reading scripture, and experiencing joy can help you grow in faith and deepen your connection with God. Different traditions have different rituals which you may find helpful if you are new to spirituality.We wish you good luck on your journey as you explore what helps you best connect with your higher power.

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