That Bear Ate My Pants – Free Kindle Book

Hilarious, inspiring and totally satisfying

Tony James Slater is volunteering at an animal rescue center in Ecuador, and he is determined to stick it out, no matter what comes his way.

In his hysterical memoir, Tony takes readers through his time in South America. His bizarre interactions with a host of wild (and hungry) animals will you keep you laughing until the very end. 

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Tony James Slater

Tony James Slater is an eccentric thrill-seeker who is also a terrible cook. His life is basically a series of strange, funny and mostly accidental adventures, and he’s got the scars to prove it. 

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Fatal Greed – Free eBook for Kindle Fire, iPad, Smartphones and Computers

The story had heartbreak, laughs and some tears.

This one’s for our fans who like to read on their tablets, computers or smartphones. You can read the novel (which is $8.69 on Amazon) in its entirety by following this link, or on a smartphone by clicking the applicable link below (click on your device).

Avarice and hatred between the partners of a biotech firm lead to murder – and to a possible pandemic of Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease in this riveting thriller that begins in a placid North American suburb and ends on the high seas on the morning of 9/11. Ex-CIA, Mossad and SAS men are pitted against Latin America stringers for Al Qaeda in a race against time, when it becomes clear that an innocuous incident involving surgical glue derived from cow blood has led to the generation of a weapon of mass destruction.

Fatal Greed is about an underground world that most of us will never know, a world of easily-bought passports and citizenships of convenience, secret offshore banking with numbered and coded accounts, anonymous bearer share certificates, and unparalleled moral turpitude. When its surface ruptures it threatens to engulf civil society like a tidal wave. This is an entirely plausible tale.

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Robert Landori


Now a writer of international thriller novels, Robert Landori was born in Hungary and for most of his professional life was a senior Public Accountant, a Mergers & Acquisitions specialist, and a Trustee in Bankruptcy in the Cayman Islands.

But behind the facade of the quiet man of numbers lay a life of intrigue and mystery. He traveled widely throughout South America and the Caribbean, where he came into contact with international financiers, notorious con men, well-known artists and entertainers… and members of several countries’ intelligence communities. Robert Landori also developed a highly charged and double-edged relationship with Castro’s Cuba, and was, at one time, held in solitary confinement there for over two months on false accusations of espionage. He was eventually freed, and is now a security consultant, lecturer on Money Laundering and Terrorists and writer of international fiction and espionage novels. Robert Landori lives in Montreal, Canada.

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – Free Kindle Book

An Entrancing Modern take on a Classic Noir

Niki Slobodian has a gift. Unfortunately for Niki, the government doesn’t like people who have visions, and she’s been placed on a black list that keeps her from working.

Desperate, Niki agrees to help out a mysterious stranger in exchange for having her name removed from the list. Tasked with capturing a killer who is literally from Hell, Niki soon realizes that her problems are far from over.

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JL Murray

Montana native J.L. Murray has loved to read and write since childhood. After overcoming a drug addiction and an abusive marriage, she went back to school and took up writing. 

J.L. is now happily married to fellow author John G. Murray. They live in Hawaii with their sons. 

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When Farts Had Colors – Free Kindle Book

Funny and educational at the same time!

Fourth-grader Lance Chance has never liked Mondays. Now he hates them.

This particular Monday, Lance had the misfortune of crossing paths with Merry Maddox, the meanest bully in the whole fourth grade. 

Merry stole his lunch and embarrassed him in front of his friends. But then she did something foul. Really foul. Merry blamed Lance for a fart so awful the whole school had to leave. 

If only there was some way to prove that it wasn’t him! 

Then Lance discovers that farts have magically become colored, and everyone can see them. Can this newfound knowledge help set things straight?

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Mark Thomas

Author Mark Lawton Thomas spent years writing for ad agencies, publications and public radio. His work took him from his native Georgia to New York and back. 

Mark has since returned to Georgia and has settled in Atlanta. He now works as a middle school language arts teacher, and spends his free time writing and napping.

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First Contact – Free Kindle Book, Free Nook Book

A refreshing new approach to fast-paced sci-fi!

When Ichiro Sato joined the Terran Navy, he only wanted to escape his overbearing father. What he got was far more incredible, and dangerous, than he could ever have imagined.

Ichiro and his fellow shipmates have just become the first humans to come into contact with sentient aliens. Their accidental meeting becomes the catalyst for a brutal intergalactic war.

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Michael R. Hicks

Michael Hicks has long been a fan of all things science fiction. He spent his youth devouring every space-related book, TV show and movie he could get his hands on.

When not reading or writing, Michael loves taking road trips with his wife and two stepsons.

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The Vengeance Squad – Free Kindle Book

Christian fiction meets thrilling crime novel!

Chris, Tex and Liz were never friends. You wouldn’t expect to find them working together, and certainly not working together to hunt down a group of criminals. 

But that’s exactly what happens after Chris’ fiancée Sarah is murdered. 

As they struggle against their own personal battles, can this strange trio catch Sarah’s killers?

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Sidney W. Frost

Sidney W. Frost, author of Where Love Once Lived, a first place winner in the Southwest Writers Contest and the Writers’ League of Texas Contest, writes Christian fiction.

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