Winter Style : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: When all you want to do is stay warm in wintry weather, who has time to figure out fashion? This book will help you get stylish in no time!

After reading this book, I realized I’ve spent my whole life not knowing how to dress for the winter.

Book Description: Fed up with your winter wardrobe? Need some advice? This is the book for your. We’re dedicated to helping you look beautiful no matter what size you are.

Readers who like How to Look Expensive or Makeovers For Women: 40, Curvy and Ready For A Change will like WINTER STYLE.

Author’s Inspiration: Our team experience as writers for, the experience of our readers.
For curvy women, it is often hard to pull off a great look in Winter, as winter clothing is not only bulky, but also very warm. Nobody wants to look like a sweating Michelin man!

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: That woman from Drop Dead Diva!

From the Book: Why should you invest in a plus size Pea Coat? How should you wear it?

A good winter coat not only is a great investment but it can also become a signature piece. Plus size pea coats are a classic addition to any wardrobe and have a stylish cut that never goes out of fashion.

Originally they were inspired by the coats and jackets worn by sailors in eastern European navy units. Since then, the style has been modified of course, but you can spot a pea coat from its trademark look: usually double-breasted, with wide lapels and pockets.

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Thibault Masson


Thibault is a french guy who runs, along with two other international plus-size fasion advice websites. Inspired by his full-figured sister, he decided to launch these resources to provide plus-size fasion advice.


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Ethereal : Free eBook for Kindle and Apple

Editor’s Note: This is book one of The Celestra Series- which has been optioned for film by 20th Century Fox!

A great new YA Lit series that I’m totally in love with!

Book Description: 16 year old mind-reader Skyla’s family moves to a haunted house. She discovers a fellow mind-reading friend, Logan, knows all the answers to her unanswered questions. She might be related to powerful angels, but more knowledge means more danger.

Readers who like Twilight and Hush Hush will like ETHEREAL.

Author’s Inspiration: True love and destiny.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Blake Lively.

From the Book: Falling in love is a lot like death. It chooses you. It decides the moment and the chain of events that will preclude the precise intersection of life in which it occurs. It uses you—treats you as though you were malleable in its warm pliable hands. It doesn’t bother to ask if you want it, or need it, just fills the gaping hole of destiny’s design.

Love. My world blooms with its beautiful never-ending ache. I would give all of my blood to my enemies to have it completely—if I knew it would satisfy them—if I could live without it. But I know the resolution. I know the end of the story before it ever begins. I must choose love. And for this, I will surely die.

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This book is free 3/1-3/26.

Addison Moore


Addison Moore is a contemporary and paranormal romance writer living with her husband, four kids, and two dogs on the West Coast.



WHAT I LISTEN TO: Mumford and Sons.

WHAT I WATCH: The Bachelor

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Hunter’s War and Selected Short Stories : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Even though this war books is fiction, it’s going to feel completely real when you read it.

A great novel that definitely isn’t your typical war story.

Book Description: A Vietnam vet, Joseph, reflects on how the trials of his service and a friendship with rebel and jester, Badger, have effected his life and marraige. He finds out that nobody is too old to change themselves.

Readers who like Anita Shreve, Elizabeth Berg, or John Irving will like  HUNTER’S WAR AND SELECTED SHORT STORIES.

Author’s Inspiration: Personal experiences with friends during the Vietnam war..

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Sean Penn.

From the Book: When I first met Badger, in language school in El Paso, someone had already pinned that nickname on him. The wide face, high flat forehead and a nose so sharp it could have been fashioned from folded cardboard, made the nickname inevitable. His eyes were the clearest blue and his smile encompassed his entire face. Badger wasn’t tall; he owed his imposing presence to a stocky, muscular build. When I asked about his nickname, he said it had something to do with his disposition. I never questioned that, as I never questioned much of what he told me; his manner was as reassuring as a priest’s.

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This book is free 3/1-3/3.

John M. McNamara


John M. McNamara lives with his wife in Downers Grove, Illinois, outside Chicago.


WHERE I WRITE: My studio.



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A Touch of Deceit : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We love a good mafia thriller- especially a messy one like this!

This fast-paced action & adventure thriller really makes a great story!

Book Description: FBI agent Nick Bracco resorts to using his cousin Tommy to help track down a Kurdish terrorist who is destroying homes inside the United States. Tommy is in the mafia. Oops. That won’t get messy, will it?

Readers who like Nelson Demille, Daniel Silva, or Vince Flynn will like A TOUCH OF DECEIT.

Author’s Inspiration:  When I was 16 I would work in my father’s candy store in Brooklyn and the mafia guys would hang out to take bets from the customers. I got to know most of them pretty well and decided these guys were extremely patriotic. So I wondered what would happen if terrorists came to the US to treaten our civilians and we needed to search for them without being handcuffed by the constitution. The mafia would be great assets.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Alec Baldwin

From the Book: Ray looked lost.
     Nick crouched down and pulled up on Ray’s chin until their eyes were inches apart. “What did you do, Ray? Did he pay you to set us up?”
     “Look, Ray, I know you’re stupid, but you don’t have to overdo it.”

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Gary Ponzo


Gary Ponzo has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize for his short stories. His Nick Bracco series of thrillers have sold over 75,000 copies worldwide. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two children.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Anything with chocolate.


WHAT I LISTEN TO: New alternative stuff: Imagine Dragons, Guster, Travis, Noah and the Whale, Cake. I’ve heard enough Aerosmith to last the rest of my life.



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Rizen: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: We just can’t get enough of good Zombie stories- and there are FOUR in this collection!

A great collection of zombie stories for horror lovers!

Book Description: RIZEN is a short story collection set in a universe where a plauge has instigated a zombie apocalypse. These stories are chillingly scary…

Readers who liked World War Z will like RIZEN.



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This book is free 3/1 – 3/3.

Kirk Anderson


They smell awful, can’t talk and possess a single-minded hunger for human flesh. Zombies are the stuff of nightmares. Or if you’re like Kirk Anderson, they’re the kind of monster you daydream about. Kirk has always been fascinated with science fiction and horror, writing short stories in school and during his free time. Over time, his fascination has grown beyond simple tales of biting and being trapped in a confined space. Kirk’s desire to explore all stages of a zombie apocalypse is what drove him to publish RIZEN, a haunting collection of four loosely connected zombie short stories set in reverse chronological order and taking place over the span of 10 years.

Black Harvest : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We’re always in the mood for some globe-trotting action & adventure! This one’s sure to pack a punch.

You’re never quite sure who’s an ally or an enemy in this nail-biter!

Book Description: There’s a world-domination plot that depends on destroying much of the global food supply. This team must stop an ancient conspiracy of bio-warfare and face life-or-death challenges.

Readers who like Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, or James Rollins will like BLACK HARVEST.

Author’s Inspiration: The threat of bio-warfare aimed at the world’s food supply is a reality. I am also a minor hostory buff with an appreciation of Alexander the Great. I wanted to write a story that combined history with the bio-terror scenario, included high-placed traitors in the US Government and gave readers an insight on Russia’s intelligence services. I also love crafting stories that take readers all over the world. Black Harvest is meant to be a realistic page turner.

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This book is free 3/1-3/3.

Alex Lukeman


Alex is an action & adventure writer and motorcycle enthusiast living in California.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Hmmm. I don’t really have a favorite food. Maybe strawberry ice cream. That’s a food, right?

WHERE I WRITE: I write at home , in my office.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: For TV I like mysteries, especially English and Foreign offerings. Wallander is a Swedish series, also done in English with Kenneth Branaugh. For sheer pot boiling violence, Sons of Anarchy, which features really excellent characterization amidst the mayhem..


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Solitary : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This story is set partly in the main character’s labyrinth of dreams and is full of myth and magic. We think we’ll have trouble falling asleep after reading this one…

An interesting and utterly captivating paranormal romance.

Book Description: The Labyrinth traps Stella Dale in a nightly maze of nightmares. Trapped between the secrets of shadows and the mundane world of high school, she finds hope in the help of some unlikely friends. But who is more powerful, the dreamer or the dream?

Readers who like Addison Moore, Twilight, or Beautiful Creatures,will like SOLITARY.

Author’s Inspiration: Recurring dreams are supposed to reveal the most valuable information about you. They can highlight a weakness, a fear or unfinished business. I’ve had many of my own recurring dreams, including a series of Labyrinth-like dreams. I know what it means to be lost and alone. Those dreams ignited a larger story, which I chose to set in my favorite little piece of suburbia, Coronado, CA.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Young Winona Ryder

From the Book: Dust assaulted her senses, burning her nostrils and eyes. She blinked away tears, as she tried to see. Her hot breath bounced back into her face. There was only black. Reaching a hand out, she knocked into splintered wood. She tested it, with shaky fingers, spreading her arms until she felt more wood at her sides. Stepping away, she bumped into a barrier behind her. With rising panic, she searched every angle and realized she stood trapped, with only a couple of feet to move. The darkness had entombed her.

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This book is free 3/1-3/5.

Sarita Maude


Sarita Maude grew up on the tiny “island” of Coronado and has been writing her entire life.

WHERE I WRITE: As unconventional as it may seem, my favorite place to write was a children’s indoor play-place, called Kidventures. My son, who was in kindergarten, could run around, under the watchful eye of the play attendants, while I occupied a corner with my laptop- green tea in hand. Somehow the energy and joyful noise of children playing, kept my fingers buzzing.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: I am an avid Dr. Who fan,

WHAT I LISTEN TO: The Beatles.

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Honour and Glory : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This dark ages novel will pull you into the legends and never let you go! Go on an awesome medieval adventure.

While the historical depictions are faithful to history, that doesn’t mean they’re boring! It’s an exciting read!

Book Description: HONOUR AND GLORY takes readers to the transformative and legendary periods of the early Middle Ages. It’s painted with rich detail, making it a beautiful and historically accurate depiction of medieval Europe.

Readers who like Bernard Cornwell, Rebecca Gable, or Ken Follett will like HONOUR AND GLORY.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always been fascinated with swordifghting and especially tales of Camelot or Charlemagne.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Hugh Laurie

From the Book: West of the city stretched the May Field where the Franks who had been summoned to the general assembly and to wage war were camped. To their north, where a creek flowed into the Rhine, was housed an itinerant army of traders and craftsmen, of jugglers and whores who would flock together wherever the counts and nobles, the bishops and abbots, the freemen called to military duty, the soldiers and the servants assembled in obedience to the king’s command. 

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This book is free 2/28-3/5.

Nathaniel Burns

After three years of research and six months of writing Nathaniel Burns published his debut novel “Honour and Glory – The Battle for Saxony”, a historical novel set in the dark ages, as an Kindle ebook on in February 2013..


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Chasing Amanda : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This thriller will hold you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a parent, you’ll definitely be able to relate to the challanges these characters must face.

There are so many secrets, you just can’t put it down!

Book Description: One child dead, another missing. Small town secrets are revealed. Join Molly as she faces her worst nightmare and tries to uncover the clues to find a missing child.

Readers who like Lisa Scottoline will like CHASING AMANDA.

Author’s Inspiration: Every parent’s worst nightmare.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Sandra Bullock

From the Book: Molly bent her lean body at the waist one last time to loosen her hips, pulling her head almost between her shins, her long, auburn ponytail flipped toward the ground. A faint clicking sound caught her attention, and she let her gaze move in its direction, but from her upside-down view, she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She turned and faced the aged white clapboard church which loomed behind her. Molly shielded her eyes from the bright sun and watched a blue bird whisk by. Blue bird, blue bird, fly away home. Your wings are signs of peace for none.

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This book is free 2/28-3/1.

Melissa Foster


Melissa Foster is a writer and supporter of indie authors. She teaches new authors about book marketing and social media to help them reach readers.


WHERE I WRITE: A window filled office.

WHAT I LISTEN TO: Every music ever made.


Connect with Melissa:

The Girl From Long Guyland : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Part memoir and part thriller, this book is perfect for baby boomers and great fun for everyone else!

I got so absorbed in this story that I just couldn’t put it down!

Book Description: Laila Levin just doesn’t feel like she belongs. When past secrets are stirred up, she’s transported to 1969 and all of it’s temptations. Her choices might endager her survival and conscience, but she finds out the importance of staying true to yourself.

Readers who like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, While I Was Gone by Sue Miller, or She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb will like THE GIRL FROM LONG GUY LAND.

Author’s Inspiration: This is a great question. I’m at an age when I’ve begun reflecting on different periods of my life and examining what I’ve learned from them. For me, the late sixties was an aberration from the rest of my relatively conservative lifestyle. I wasn’t near as naïve or crazy as Laila, but I was a quintessential hippie, feminist, and anti-war protestor. Evidently, the novel has struck a cord with other baby boomers thinking about the same things.

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This book is free 2/28-3/4.

Lara Reznik


I grew up in Long Island but never felt I belonged there. In 1970, I headed out west to New Mexico in a Karmann Ghia that my boyfriend and I jump-started cross-country. As an English major at University of New Mexico and was fortunate enough to study under esteemed authors Rudolfo Anaya and Tony Hillerman.

In 1995 my husband and our three hybrid sons (1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Hispanic) relocated to Austin, TX where I worked as an I.T. manager for a utility. Recently retired, I’m focusing on writing novels. I’ve also written and optioned three screenplays.


WHERE I WRITE: My office- quiet and well stocked with computers, multiple monitors, and printers. (It pays to have a strong I.T. background).

WHAT I LISTEN TO: Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Joan Boez.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: Homeland & Downton Abbey tie!


Connect with Laura: