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Silo 49: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: Silo 49 is a WOOL universe book that fans of Hugh Howey’s Wool will love! 

Book Description: Silo 49 is a WOOL Universe series. In Silo 49: Going Dark, the head of IT and two friends race against time to take the silo dark before Silo One can shut them down forever. A structural flaw has allowed poisons from the destroyed world outside to leech into the silo water supply. Cancer, death and disease are sapping the strength, numbers and will of those inside Silo 49. Rather than help, Silo One, the controllers of all the silos, would like to eliminate them from the equation.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to explore what would have happened in the world of WOOL if goodness and a desire to do the right thing replaced the desire for power and control over others. How might all of this turned out for one silo if they had the courage to do what felt right inside rather than what the rules of others declared they should do?

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 Ann Christy

Navy Commander by day and secret writer by night, Ann Christy is an accidental author who is grateful every single day that she allowed the stories to leak out of her head and onto paper. She lives by the sea, happily under the rule of her canine overlords and assorted unruly family members.

Author Website:


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Gift of the Destroyer: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: GiFT OF THE DESTROYER is the story of a pregnant woman and a time traveler who set out to save a dying world.  

The author is a gifted story teller.

Book Description: The world is slowly dying, and childbirths are becoming increasingly rare. A young pregnant woman discovers a stranger in her barn, who claims to be from the future. She discovers he has magical powers, and is forced to accompany him on his quest to prevent the world from dying.

Readers who love Michael R. Hicks will love this book.

Author’s Inspiration: There were three major influences to writing this book: the movies Children of Men and The Terminator, and the video game Chrono Trigger.

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Jeroen Steenbeeke is often a victim of his over-active imagination. Known among other things for his bizarre dreams and steering conversations in weird directions, he had to find a more productive outlet, which led to writing fantasy books. Jeroen’s books often deal with forces that are beyond the comprehension of the heroes, where technology, forces of nature and magic are often indistinguishable to them.

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Chain Gang Elementary: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: CHAIN GANG ELEMENTARY is a tale of war between a PTA president and a grade-school principal. It’s funny until you realize the schools are *almost* like this.. then it’s not so funny.

Book Description: After a murder at Bonaire Elementary, Richard and Anna Lee Gray seek a good school for their son Nick in a safe neighborhood. Their search leads them to Malliford, a “school of excellence.” When redistricting sends scores of minority students to Malliford, iron-willed Principal Estelle Rutherford declares war on kids to raise test scores and save her reputation. Dissident parents revolt, electing Richard to head the Parent-Teacher Organization, and tensions explode. Welcome to Chain Gang Elementary, home to vast right-wing conspiracies, 3rd-grade gangsters, and bake sale embezzlers–where toxic childhood secrets boil over, reformers go stark raving mad, and culture wars escalate into armed conflict.

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Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant is the author of the novels BRAMBLEMAN (winner of the IBPA’s gold Benjamin Franklin Award) and CHAIN GANG ELEMENTARY. His third novel, Party to a Crime, will be published by Thornbriar Press in 2014

Grant grew up on a Missouri farm, came down South, and graduated from the University of Georgia. The former journalist, state government spokesman, PTA president, and soccer coach lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children.

Author Website:


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Sea Scoundrel: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: If you love swarthy historical romances then be sure to get SEA SCOUNDREL! 

The characters are well written and there are surprises and twists that keep the story moving and interesting to the very end. 

Book Description: Lady Patience Kendall makes a living bringing young ladies over from America to England with the hopes of finding them titled men to marry. Captain Grant St Benedict is the ship captain who ferried them across the sea and he has never met a woman more infuriating or more desirable than Patience. Does what happens on the high seas, stay on the high seas?  

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Annette Blair 

An adventurer and storyteller at heart, Annette Blair has explored nineteenth-century Amish America; Regency England; and madcap, modern Salem Mass, where bold women follow the Celtic faith with heart. There, she fought dragons, and fell in love with an angel. More recently, she’s taken to solving mysteries beside Connecticut’s Mystic River.

Author Website:

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Maid for the Billionaire: Free for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

MAID FOR THE BILLIONAIRE features plenty of twists and turns along with romance.

I loved Abby’s strong & sassy personality and how she was a match (in more ways than one) for typical Alpha male, Dominic. 

Book Description:  Abby has always been the responsible one. She doesn’t believe in taking risks; especially when it comes to men – until she meets Dominic. He’s both infuriating and intoxicating, a heady combination. Their trip to China revives a long forgotten side of Abby, but also reveals a threat to bring down Dominic’s company.

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Ruth Cardello

 Ruth Cardello lives on a small farm in Northern Rhode Island with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two horses, and one cat. If there is a happier place on Earth, she hasn’t found it.

Author Website:


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Ever Shade: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: In EVER SHADE, Shade discovers magic and love in the land of Faerie.

Book Description: Shade harbors secret powers. One day she stumbles upon a magical being who leads her into the world of Faerie, where she discovers more about herself and the magic of the world.

Author’s Inspiration: Loving to read fantasy as a young girl and dreaming up a world where the ordinary can turn extraordinary. I had a dream of a man made made of blue fire and electricity and a girl who follows him into the unknown.

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Alexia Purdy

 I love to read all day long, live in my fantasy world and believe in unicorns, faeries and magic tricks to get anything done. One day I’ll get there, but in the meantime, I’ll write these fantastical worlds down. I wanted to be an author the moment I could read. Living in the magical worlds others created made me want to do the same for people too. Now, it’s my dream job and I couldn’t be happier.

Author Website:


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Pulse: Free eBook

Editor’s Note:  In development as a film, PULSE is a fast-paced book about a human girl with a special blood that can change vampire existence.

Book Description: Kalina Calloway didn’t know her ex-boyfriend was a vampire until the day he died. Then when his two half-brothers, Jaegar and Stuart Greystone, showed up for his funeral, that’s when things really becomes strange. Armed with only her wits, a sassy mouth, and the strong will to survive; Kalina finds herself the most sought after human by the vampires, and she will do anything to survive.

Author’s Inspiration: When Kailin Gow was at the hospital after losing so much blood, she needed bags for transfusion, she got inspired to write about the preciousness of blood, especially how a being like a vampire does not have any of their own.

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Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow became an author after being inspired to write an inspirational paranormal book series for middle grade/teens after 9/11. She has since become one of Amazon’s top bestselling authors, having been featured on the homepage as an Author Success story, and had been quoted in the Huffington Post, interviewed on television on ABC News, and been featured internationally on The World Journal. She is the organizer and host of Rockin’ Events – Author Signing Events in some of the biggest cities around the world.

Author Website:


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Louisiana Longshot: Free for Kindle, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: LOUISIANA LONGSHOT is full of Southern wit as it follows CIA assassin, Fortune Redding, as she takes on her latest mission in Sinful, Louisiana. 

just the right combination of twisted mystery and hilarious characters.

Book Description: What happens when a CIA assassin has to pose as a librarian-former-beauty-queen in a small bayou town? It’s Lara Croft goes to the bayou when Fortune Redding lands in Sinful, Louisiana, and neither the town or Fortune will ever be the same again.

Readers who love Janet Evonovich will love this book. 

Author’s Inspiration: I grew up in the bayous of Louisiana and love a good fish-out-of-water story.



Jana DeLeon grew up in the swamps of southwest Louisiana. She’s never been an assassin but some days, she wishes she could be. She loves the inner workings of small towns and thinks they make for great mysteries. Her goal is to make people laugh when they read her books because she believes life without laughter is less than it could be.

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Artificial Evil: Free for Kindle, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: ARTIFICIAL EVIL (Book of the Techxorcist) is a post-apocalyptic, dystopian thrill ride.

There’s grit, action, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. 

Book Description: Gerry Cardle is the algorithm designer for the death-lottery, a job he despises. It gets worse when, despite being exempt, his numbers come up. He has just 7 days to live. There’s a rogue AI in the system and he has only one choice: leave his city and go into the abandoned lands in the hope of destroying the AI and saving himself and the remaining population.

Readers who love Neuromancer, Snow Crash, The Matrix, and Blade Runner will love this book. 

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Colin F. Barnes is a publisher and full-time writer of science fiction and techno thriller and is a member of both the British Fantasy Society and the British Science Fiction Association. He honed his craft with the London School of Journalism and the Open University (BA, English). Colin has run a number of tech-based businesses, worked in rat-infested workshops, and scoured the back streets of London looking for characters and stories—which he found in abundance.

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Legend of the White Dragon: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: If you love Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings then you will love LEGEND OF THE WHITE DRAGON. 

Book Description:  Of the five-book Legend of the White Dragon series, Legends is the beginning of an epic story of many individuals whose lives have been linked in the battle for the fate of their world.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always loved dragons and just had to write a book about them.

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M. A. Nilles

M. A. Nilles is the darker side of Melanie Nilles. M. A. Nilles plunges into depths of what fantasy and science fiction could be if no happily ever afters are guaranteed and life is not always easy. Her alter ego, however, writes less graphic stories more suitable for young adults.

Author Website:


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