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Seven Free Childrens and Young Adult eBooks for Kindle

You got kids? Young or older? Doesn’t matter- we’ve got books for them! Some of these books are great for children, and some are perfect for young adults. All seven are FREE on Kindle!

City of the Falling Sky‘ and ‘Three Rhymes‘ are free on 11/13. ‘Pyromarne‘ is free 11/13-11/15. ‘Flying Girl’ , ‘G1.1‘ , ‘Lester the Laddiebug‘ , and ‘The Awkward Owl‘ are free 11/13-11/14.

Eight Free Thriller eBooks for Kindle

Get your fill of FREE thriller eBooks today! You can grab all eight for your Kindle. Click on the covers to find out more about these books and to download them!

Arctic Wargame‘ , ‘The Sky Between Two Worlds’ , ‘The Golden Children: Believe in Me‘ , and ‘The Sinner King’ are free on 11/13. ‘The Donzerly Light’ and ‘Det. Jason Strong‘ are free 11/13-11/14. ‘The Pattern’ and ‘Darklandia’ are free 11/13-11/15.

Gladius and the Bartlett Trial: Free Kindle Book

Middle-grade boys, teen boys, girls, and even adults of all ages will devour this, adventure lovers will eat this up!

Gladius Oldmont has just begin the Bartlett Trial: a rite of passage that entails spending a month alone in the wilderness

Though he’s just 15, Gladius must fend for himself against the dangers that lurk in Longwood Forest. Sinister creatures are waiting around every corner. In order to survive, he must get help from others he meets along the way, and find the strength he’ll need to make it out alive.

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This book is free 11/12 – 11/13.

J.A. Paul

J. A. Paul is the author of the Gladius Adventure Series, where a simple run through the woods turns into an epic coming-of-age story certain to please those with a wild spirit who crave the next adventure.

One night after a long bedtime story, his sons challenged him to write a book. After years of writing short stories he decided to give it a try. Borrowing an idea from a friend he asked his boys to choose three “things” to include in the story. They chose a dragon, a tree and a ruby and from those three seeds the story of Gladius grew. J.A. Paul set out to show his three sons that if you set your mind to something, it can be done.

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Fate: Free Kindle Book

Interesting mix of suspense, romance, and paranormal!

Kristina is living the life she’d always hoped for. She’s found success both professionally and romantically, and she’s surrounded by supportive friends and family. 

But then the visions start. Kristina’s dreams bring her glimpses into the future  – and she doesn’t like what she sees.

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Tallulah Grace

International best-selling author Tallulah Grace is an aficionado of anything paranormal, loves to read a good thriller and creates characters as both a hobby and a profession. Tallulah was born and raised in a small southern town located in the foothills of the vibrant Blue Ridge Mountains. When she’s not developing characters and weaving stories, Tallulah enjoys antiquing and bead-weaving.

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Mrs. Lieutenant: Free Kindle Book

Keep a box of tissues handy, because you’ll need it.

They had their whole lives to look forward to if only their husbands could survive Vietnam.

In the spring of 1970 – right after the Kent State National Guard shootings and President Nixon’s two-month incursion into Cambodia – four newly married young women come together at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, when their husbands go on active duty as officers in the U.S. Army.

Different as these four women are, they have one thing in common: Their overwhelming fear that, right after these nine weeks of training, their husbands could be shipped out to Vietnam – and they could become war widows.

Sharon is a Northern Jewish anti-war protester who fell in love with an ROTC cadet; Kim is a Southern Baptist whose husband is intensely jealous; Donna is a Puerto Rican who grew up in an enlisted man’s family; and Wendy is a Southern black whose parents have sheltered her from the brutal reality of racism in America.

Read MRS. LIEUTENANT to discover what happens as these women overcome their prejudices, reveal their darkest secrets, and are initiated into their new lives as army officers’ wives during the turbulent Vietnam War period.

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This book is free 11/11/12.

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