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Wolfman Fantasies: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: WOLFMAN FANTASIES  is a romantic tale of two dream men fighting for one girl.

Book Description: Wolfman Fantasies explores the journey of a young overweight woman, Violet Andrews, as she battles the emptiness that faces her in the everyday world. While working in a dead end job, and being pushed to the side by her more beautiful roommate Laura, she often dreams about a Prince who will take her away from this place. Violet’s luck is about to change forever, as to her utter disbelief, the man of her dreams has now entered her waking world. But is he who he really says he is?

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Sookie Sabre

I am a new author whom has always had a passion for writing and reading, but never really the confidence to share my work with others. I believe three key elements make a good story – characters, plot and purpose. My aim is to write stories that connect with people in such a way that will explain things about their own lives.

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Darlings of Sci-Fi: Free for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: DARLINGS OF SCI-FI is a Sci-Fi Romance Anthology by 8 best selling authors.

A great read, and a book you won’t want to put down!

Book Description: These eight young adult stories are from nine best selling authors. Thrilling, action packed, and romance filled, these books are all from different Sci- Fi series by women authors. 

Readers who love Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux Series will love this anthology!

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Eight best selling authors: CM Doporto, Chrissy Peebles, Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels, Holly Hook, C.C.Marks, Laura Bradley Rede, Christine Kersey and Jennifer Silverwood.

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Apprentice (A Wizard’s Life): Free Fantasy on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: APPRENTICE chronicles the first part of a wizard’s life: his apprenticeship.

Book Description: Benen’s village is visited by a mysterious wizard who chooses him above all others to be his new apprentice. The master wizard proves himself to be cruel and demanding, and Benen’s greatest challenge is now to just survive his wizarding education.


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Eric Guindon’s parents were killed in front of him as a child. His life-long quest to avenge injustice lead him to make a bat-costume to wear while he fights crime. One look in the mirror made him decide to make his mark on the world by writing fantasy and science-fiction instead.

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One Night: Free Contemporary Romance on Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: ONE NIGHT is all about finding love in unexpected places

A must read! Definitely a great series! 

Book Description: One Night is a steamy contemporary romance novella: Olivia Harris wasn’t expecting much after her night with William Connor. But despite wanting to move on from that one night, she can’t seem to forget William. Olivia must decide if she’s willing to risk everything for a man she barely knows, but can’t seem to live without.

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Emma J. King lives in Chicago where she hides from the snow and spends her days writing steamy love stories. When she runs out of inspiration, she enjoys travelling to steamy destinations and spinning those adventures into new stories.

Visit Emma J. King’s website!

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Into the Vampire City: Free for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: INTO THE VAMPIRE CITY follows Selah Brown as she looks for her missing father in the walled-off vampire city of Miami. 

The story is truly entertaining, suspenseful, and well written.

Book Description: When Selah Brown’s father disappears while investigating the new designer drug Blood Dust, she realizes that the only clues as to his whereabouts lie within Miami, the terrifying and controversial walled-off city of vampires. It’s the year 2024, and seven years have passed since the War ended and the vampires were given a city of their own to rule. The world watches, fascinated, and people begin to wonder: is coexistence possible? Yet, as Selah’s inquiries lead her deeper into the rotten heart of Miami, she begins questioning everything she thought she knew about the vampire city. About the vampires’ intentions. About herself.  For there is more at stake than Selah can possibly imagine – and the secrets she uncovers are so terrible they might start the Vampire War anew.

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Phil Tucker is the author of several works of urban fantasy, horror, and dystopian fiction. He lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and dog Simon, and dreams of writing books as meaningful and moving as the ones that inspired him to begin writing in the first place.

Visit Phil’s Blog:

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Dog Aliens 1: Raffle’s Name – Free for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: DOG ALIENS 1: RAFFLE’S NAME is a silly far- fetched science fiction read for dog lovers of all ages. 

The story is just plain FUN for everyone!

Book Description: This dog is an alien from outer space who has mind control abilities … and communicates telepathically with his home planet. This book is about how dogs want to be alone for awhile each day so they can engage in intergalactic trade, and how the big dogs and the little dogs are from rival planets and they compete here on Earth for a resource that we humans don’t use.

Author’s Inspiration: How our real-life dog Raffle got his name, but in a tall tale way. He is the most obedient dog I ever met, and I wrote this story as a fanciful explanation of why he is so obedient, and so smart.

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I’ve always imagined I could hear my pets conversing with each other, especially what the cat would be saying to the dogs. She is in this story, too. She knows the dogs are aliens, and she is trying to tell us humans, but we are just too dense to get it!

Visit Cherise Kelley’s Website:

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Sovereign: Free Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo eBook

Editor’s Note: In SOVEREIGN: Escape is not possible. Survival is not likely. Citizen 1206 will fight anyway.

You’ll fall in love with the characters!

Book Description: Cori (aka 1206) is a 17-year-old bent on escaping her colony twenty years after the world went up in flames and few survived. Chemical fallout turned people into savages and the colony’s leaders into ruthless dictators. Now, all Cori wants is her freedom but the unknown outside the colony’s fences is a lot to risk and what’s out there might not be just what she thought. Friendship, loyalty, and budding romance make leaving without looking back nearly impossible.

Author’s Inspiration:  It started with a dream of the opening sequence. It resonated with me long after I awoke and I had to write it. I originally tried to pass it off as a short story, but there seemed to be so much potential. I then developed the world around the character from that short story which became a large portion of the first chapter of the book. I had been on a dystopian reading bing prior to having the dream so I’m sure that contributed to the inspiration as well.

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E.R. Arroyo

I love books! And movies…. and MUSIC… and my baby boy and awesome husband! I’m a bit of a tomboy and it shows in my work because my heroine is one tough cookie. She’s flawed and jaded and I’m so proud of her. I became an author after many, many years of writing many other things. A few years back my passion for reading was ignited and it was a natural progression for me to begin writing books, and I’m so glad I made this journey into prose.

Author Website:

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A.I. Apocalypse: Free Best-Selling SciFi on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: A.I. APOCALYPSE is a tense scifi thriller about the growing threat of artificial intelligence.

Book Description: In 2025, Leon Tsarev is forced by the Russian Mafia to build a new computer virus for the mob’s botnet. The virus he creates, based on biological principles, infects all the world’s computers from phones and PCs to cars and payment systems. But evolution doesn’t stop: the virus develops intelligence, communication, and culture, forming an entire civilization of AI called The Phage. Leon and his companions must race against time and the military to find a way to befriend or defeat The Phage and restore the world’s computer infrastructure.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to fill a gap in science fiction about realistic ways that AI might emerge and explore all the wonderful complexity of what it means to share our planet with a new intelligent life form.

Get this FREE SciFi adventure on your KINDLE, NOOK, and KOBO on 5/9 – 5/15!



After fifteen years and eleven patents as a software developer, William Hertling began writing science fiction. He hasn’t stopped yet, authoring Avogadro Corp: The Singularity is Closer than it Appears, A.I. Apocalypse, and The Last Firewall. Along the way he’s won Foreword Review’s Science Fiction Book of the Year and been nominated for the Prometheus Award for Best Novel. A frequent speaker at technology, writing, and scifi conferences, he loves exploring technology’s impact on humans, from our dependency on a global supply chain to the effect of social media on our psyche, and of course, the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Visit William’s website!

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Fix You: Free Kindle, Nook, Apple and Kobo Book

Editor’s Note: FIX YOU is a love story about a sexy boxer from the wrong side of the tracks.

Book Description:  Boxer Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels is can’t wait to get the hell out of Boston and away from his family’s tragic past. He’s weeks from his goal when Olivia Beckett comes tumbling into his life in a flash of silky dark hair and haunted eyes. When he saves her from a potentially brutal beating, they begin to grow close, but Olivia’s ex isn’t ready to let her go so easily. Bash can’t bring himself to walk away, but fixing Olivia just might leave him broken…

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 Christine Bell

 Christine Bell is the USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. She loves Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Firefly, and Doctor Who. Her favorite hero of all time is Severus Snape. She’s obsessed with reading and writing, but if she wasn’t an author, she’d be a treasure hunter. She lives in Pennsylvania, but hopes to move to Hawaii some day and become a professional beach bum.

Author Website:

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Night of the Purple Moon: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: NIGHT OF THE PURPLE MOON has 230 5 star reviews! 

“Three words: Gripping. Palpable. Well-developed.” WORD SPELUNKING review blog

Book Description: Abby is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple, unaware that deadly bacteria from a passing comet will soon kill off older teens and adults. She must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her–adolescence.

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Scott Cramer

 Scott’s pursuit of a good story has put him behind the stick of an F-18, flying a Navy Blue Angels’ fighter jet, and he has trekked through the Peruvian mountains in search of an ancient Quechua festival featuring a condor. He and his wife have two daughters and reside outside Lowell, Massachusetts (birthplace of Jack Kerouac) in an empty nest/zoo/suburban farm/art studio with too many surfboards in the garage.

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