The Ghost in Me – Free Kindle Book

Funny, suspensful, and thought provoking- perfect for teens and adults!

WHO GETS THE GUY?  The girl, or the ghost?

Myri Monaco has problems she doesn’t know how to deal with: a crush on her best friend’s boyfriend, a mother who’s dating her science teacher, and a “punishment” for a science project that lands her in auditions for the school play (the last place she wants to be). But most girls don’t have a ghost living at home who is willing to “trade places” whenever she’s needed. Will ghostly possession be an easy solution when problems collide? Or, will Myri lose everything to a ghost wanting to fulfill her own desires?

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Shaunda Kennedy Wenger


Shaunda Kennedy Wenger is the author of nine books. She was recently accepted on to the Teaching Artist Roster for the Division of Utah Arts and Museums. Reality Bites, Tales of a Half-Vampire is her newest release. Her first book, The Book Lover’s Cookbook, Celebrated Works of Literature and the Passages That Feature Them (Ballantine Books) was featured as a National Public Radio holiday gift pick in 2003. Five of her titles are published for the educational market by Benchmark Education Company and Richard C. Owen Publishers, and include Caterpillar Can’t Wait, Watch a Butterfly Grow, How Many Muffins?, Farm Stand Mystery, and In Black Bear Country. In 2010, she started her own publishing company, Essemkay Company Productions, and released The Ghost in Me, which is a paranormal middle-grade novel, and a chapter book for young readers called, Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again.

She lives in Utah, where she is perpetually entertained by her children, their friends, and the students that find themselves stuck in her science classroom.


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Alex Siegel’s Supernatural Thrillers – Free Kindle Books

Check this out- Alex Siegel is offering FIVE of his books for free today on Kindle! These fast paced thrillers have a supernatural twist. Click the covers to get the books!

 These books are free 7/5-7/9.

Alex Siegel


Alex Siegel is a software developer who lives and works near Chicago, Illinois. He has a wife and three ten year old boys (yes, triplets). Writing is his passion.

APOCALYPSE CULT, CARNIVAL OF MAYHEM, PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE, INVOLUNTARY CONTROL, and DEADLY WEAKNESS are the first five books in the Gray Spear Society series. They are thrillers set in the Chicago area in the present day. The plot unfolds rapidly and the action is fast-paced. It is fiction for adults who like dark roller coaster rides. A supernatural twist makes these stories unlike anything you have ever read before.


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BOUND (#1 in The Crystor Series) – Free Nook Book

A must read YA novel!

Tragedy leads to knowledge and strength in this engrossing young adult novel. 

An accident leads Kira to learn that her best friend Lydia is harboring an otherworldly secret. Kira follows Lydia into a magical new world filled with excitement and danger. Their journey tests their friendship and forces Kira to find the courage and strength she never knew she had.

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C.K. Bryant

Author Christine Bryant lives in Idaho with her loving husband and two awesome sons. Before pursuing her writing career, Christine helped her husband run the family restaurant. Christine loves spending time with friends and family and being outdoors.

Four Short Stories – Free Kindle Books

These short stories have something for everyone. Humor in the first, Science Fiction in the second, and paranormal YA fiction in the last two.

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‘All Jacked Up’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder’ are free on 6/27. ‘Turings’ Revenge’ and ‘Beauty Never Dies’ are free 6/27-6/28.

Zombie Candy – Free Kindle Book

A bizzarely brilliant multi-genre rollercoaster of a tale!

You know early on, from the color of the inappropriate bra in the opening scene, that Zombie Candy is going to be a black comedy. Most people could sympathize with the male obsession for sex and zombie movies, but who would put up with a husband who doused every dish with cilantro? 

Frederick Lee Brooke serves up another literary treat with this bizarre and comical tale of love and betrayal. Candace Roach enlists her best friend Annie Ogden (our favorite sleuth from Doing Max Vinyl) to find out what her husband is really up to on his weekly business trips – but their home-cooked aversion therapy gets out of hand and hurtles along an astonishing highway of the undead.

Home from Iraq but unsure about her future, Annie Ogden isn’t your typical woman sleuth. Her best friend, Candace Roach – gourmet cooking instructor, owner of a house in Tuscany – isn’t your typical wronged woman either. Candace teaches gourmet cooking, and loves nothing more than orchestrating a four-course meal full of flavorful surprises and artistic touches. A selection of her recipes is found in an appendix to the book.

But with each shocking discovery in the investigation of her husband, the friendship between Candace and Annie is further put to the test. Candace ultimately takes matters into her own hands and, in an elaborate ruse, stages a nightmarish zombie drama in which her husband plays the starring role. 

Weaving elements of mystery, horror and romance in a story that starts in Chicago and ends in a quaint medieval town in sun-drenched Tuscany, Zombie Candy transcends any single genre. Embark on a journey that will tickle your taste buds and wake up your funny bone. What are you waiting for?

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This book is free 6/26-6/28.

Frederick Lee Brooke


Frederick Lee Brooke has worked as an English teacher, language school manager and small business owner and has travelled extensively in Italy, the setting of part of Zombie Candy.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Frederick Lee Brooke attended Amherst College and studied creative writing at the University of Montana, Missoula, where he received his M.F.A. He has lived in France, Germany and Switzerland, and currently divides his time between Europe, where he lives with his family, and Chicago.

Also check out DOING MAX VINYL, Frederick Lee Brooke’s first novel.

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