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Hostel Takeover: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: HOSTEL TAKEOVER is a comedic story about three women backpacking their way through Europe.

Book Description: When your husband leaves you, what’s an uptight suburban woman to do? Grab your two best friends and backpack your way through Europe like teenagers, obviously! Karen and her two best friends leave their quiet lives behind to blow out the cobwebs and remind themselves what life is really about.

Author’s Inspiration: I imagined backpacking through Europe as a mature woman from an upscale suburb instead of a college student well-acquainted with Ramen noodles and sharing small spaces.

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Keeley Bates

Keeley Bates is a writer of women’s contemporary fiction. She strives to find the humour in any situation, sometimes straying over the border into the Land of Questionable Taste. Thankfully, her husband and children are usually around to rein her in. She loves Andy Cohen and all things Real Housewives (except Miami, never got into that one). Her other book, The Mother Load, is also available as an ebook or in print.

Author Website: http://keeleybates.com

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Smart Blondes: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In SMART BLONDES it takes real friends to get you through a cheating husband and an epic hair color disaster.

Book Description: After discovering her husband cheating and accidently shooting him, Carrie Pryce runs from her luxurious life in Austin to her quirky hometown. Her friends, family and a handsome stranger help her learn that small towns are great places to bury old scandals and create new ones.

Author’s Inspiration: This is a modernized version of the 1939 movie “The Women” based on the Claire Boothe Luce play which includes many of the same themes of infidelity, divorce and the value of female friendship. It was inspired by the suspicious death of an acquaintance during a contentious divorce.

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Sonia Koso

I grew up in the eccentricity-filled piney woods of North East Texas and have been writing since I was a teen. Writing is my first love and what I chose to pursue in college. After receiving a B.A. in English Writing, my life took a drastic turn and I found my self in law school. I practiced law for over a decade but was drawn back to writing in 2012. My stories feature strong women, good-looking guys, legal dilemmas and a strong, Southern flavor. Smart Blondes borrows many characters from my childhood and my legal career.

I do most of my writing at my condo in Austin’s SOCO district. This is ground zero of “Keep Austin Weird” and is within walking distance of local landmarks including Guero’s, Lady Bird Lake, Amy’s Ice Cream, The Continental Club, and the Austin City Limits Theater. I know a story is working when the characters are so compelling I can ignore the constant temptations of amusement.

Author Website: www.soniakoso.com

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Rock Star’s Girl: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In ROCK STAR’S GIRL, a night out becomes rock-star romance and media scandal. 

“Rock Star’s Girl” is a compelling, entertaining and amusing read.

Book Description: Emily Watts just wanted a night off, not a rock-star romance or a career-killing media scandal. But that’s exactly what happens when she meets Cory Sampson, the lead singer of a Top 40 rock band, while attending a concert to support her longtime friend and struggling musician, Jesse Cinder. When her sweet new romance hits the headlines, Emily finds herself not only in the media spotlight, but at the center of tabloid allegations that could destroy her career.

Readers who love Lauren Weisberger or Lauren Conrad’s “L.A. Candy” series will like ROCK STAR’S GIRL.

Author’s Inspiration:  I live in L.A., and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dated a few musicians in my time. While ROCK STAR’S GIRL is purely fictional and isn’t about any of the people I’ve dated, or any of the wonderful musicians I call friends, being in L.A. has given me a glimpse into how easy it is for simple and innocent things to become a media sensation when they involve someone in the celebrity spotlight

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Jennifer Farwell is the author of ROCK STAR’S GIRL and SEVEN WEEKS TO FOREVER, and is currently working on the forthcoming sequel to ROCK STAR’S GIRL that’s due out in 2015. Once upon a time in high school she ran a tongue-in-cheek humor site called the SPPNTCJ (Society for Preventing Parents from Naming Their Children Jennifer), which welcomed millions of visitors (mostly named Jennifer, she’s pretty sure), received coverage from print, broadcast, and online media, was included in an academic textbook, and was studied on a college course. When not writing novels or almost single-handedly supporting the coffee industry, you can find Jennifer playing with her dog, cheering on the L.A. Kings, at a Kundalini yoga class, on a hike, or reading just about anything.

Visit Jennifer’s Website!

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Throbbing Hearts: Free Chick-Lit on Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: When two destined hearts meet in THROBBING HEARTS, they have to change to become ready for their one true love.

Book Description: Sometimes when two destined hearts meet, they’re not ready yet. In Part 1 Annie and Brendan are in college. She’s in her goth stage still, and he’s not the type to like dark clouds. But she knows he’s the man of her dreams, and a battle ensues that throws them both on a course to change.

Author’s Inspiration: It was a spin-off from my I Love My… series about two characters who meet in a bar. He’s a player, but I didn’t want to write about a player, so I went back and discovered what made him that. And what women would tear it down.


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I write steamy, heartfelt books that often make you laugh. A background in comedy and in the hard knocks of life, have pulled out of me characters you might know and who you fall in love with because they’re so real.

Visit Sabrina’s website!


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I Love My Secret: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note:  In I LOVE MY SECRET, good girls love bad boys, and bad boys love no one… until it’s too late.

Miss Lacey did it again and I remain shamefully addicted to this series. 

Book Description: Nicole’s a fiery painter living in Manhattan who’s infatuated Michael, but he holds her at arm’s length. She knows she shouldn’t see him, but she doesn’t know why. This is the beginning of her roller-coaster ride to finding true love with a wounded heart.

Fans of H.M. Ward will love this book!

Author’s Inspiration:  The “I Love My…” series is about three best friends – Jessica, Amber and Nicole. Nicole’s fire spoke to me more than the other two, and writing her story was the hardest because I had to go the most deep. But I wanted to tell it as honestly as I could because we all know that part of us inside who loves the wrong man simply because we’re afraid to be “seen” by the right one.

Get this Kindle book Free 5/4- 5/8


Sabrina Lacey’s style is a unique blend of steamy mixed with funny and REAL. A little wild herself (she once married a guy after knowing him two weeks and three days) she loves to write about heroines who don’t do the norm, don’t think inside the box, and yet they are always trying their best to be good human beings, the best way they know how.

Visit Sabrina’s Website!

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It’s Got to Be Perfect: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Everyone deserves a soulmate, right? Read one matchmaker’s experiences in IT’S GOT TO BE PERFECT. 

Book Description:  When Ellie Rigby hurls her three-carat engagement ring into the gutter, she is certain of only one thing, that she has yet to know true love. Following months of disastrous internet dates and conflicting advice from her dysfunctional friends, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Although now, instead of just looking for a man for herself, she’s certain her life’s purpose is to find deep and meaningful love for all the singles in the world.

Author’s Inspiration: I worked as a matchmaker for 6 years in London

Get the Kindle book for free on 2/14. 

Haley Hill

Haley Hill founded, and recently sold the UK’s biggest matchmaking agency. ‘It’s Got to Be Perfect: the memoirs of a modern-day matchmaker’, is her debut novel, inspired by her six years as a matchmaker. Haley also writes features for newspapers and magazines, blogs regularly for The Huffington Post and is a relationship expert for a weekly magazine.

Author Website: http://matchmakermusings.com


I Love My Breakup: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In I LOVE MY BREAKUP, Jessica turns her breakup from heartbreak to goosebump inducing adventure. 

If you love steamy scenes and plenty of humor you will love this witty book!

Book Description: Jessica got dumped by her live-in boyfriend by way of cheating on her while she was at a yoga class. Getting over it is where this story begins, by way of some shocking – even dangerous – behavior. But when a woman gets her heart smashed, she’s bound to be a little wild. This is Part of Jessica’s story; how she learned to trust herself again, and find Mr. Perfect, for Her.

Readers who loved Fifty Shades of Grey, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Sex and The City will also enjoy l Love my Breakup. 

Author’s Inspiration: I know my fair share of women who’ve been cheated on and I thought, what if we acted out by doing wild things, rather than just dumping our faces in a vat of ice cream? Jessica’s story was born!

Get this Kindle book Free 11/20- 12/01


Garlic bread and red wine on a rainy night. Guacamole and margaritas on the beach, until we lick the bowl clean… and the glasses, too. Songs that make me dance in my kitchen because I just can’t help but love to dance – it’s my favorite thing. These are pieces of things that thrill me. And I became a writer because my imagination is ridiculous and impossible and has to be tossed into a computer so I can sleep at night.


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Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: COCO PINCHARD’S BIG FAT TIPSY WEDDING is a laugh out loud romantic comedy with feel good fun.


What a zany, ALIVE bunch of characters

Book Description:  Featuring an exciting cast of characters both familiar and new, and of course a starring role for the wonderfully horrible Ethel! Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding is a hilarious, heart warming romantic comedy sequel to the smash hit comedy The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard.

Author’s InspirationWatching people engrossed in their phones on public transport. I began to think, who are they talking to? What are their secrets? 

Get the Kindle book for free from 10/24-10/28.  


Robert Bryndza is a British born author and playwright. He became an author when his comedy play became an unexpected hit at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival. Fed up with life in London, he spent a year and half in Los Angeles amongst the craziness of Hollywood, working as a screenwriter. His experiences (both good and bad!) were the inspiration for his novel Lost In Crazytown. His popular Coco Pinchard series of novels have featured in the Amazon Top 100 bestseller lists, and he is currently working on a third instalment.


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