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Soul Particle: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: What if your son was the monster on the news? Experience one mother’s struggle in SOUL PARTICLE.  

Book Description: Rhea Jacobson has married the perfect man and hopes to have the perfect family. But her son has proven to be a monster from the time he can walk. She dedicates her life to raising him and loving him the best she can, but his personality disorders are deeper than her love can go. Soon after he turns 15, Rhea is in prison for his murder. “The Soul Particle” explores Rhea’s life and how she copes with a challenge to which too many mothers today can relate.

Author’ Inspiration: Watching the news and seeing one school shooting after another, I couldn’t help but think of the parents of these violent teen boys. What did their mothers see before the boys finally snapped? Could they have known what was going to happen? And worse, if a mother suspected her son might kill dozens of children, what would she do about it in a world where mental health services are so difficult to come by?

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Carolyn Wyatt

 I am a former newspaper editor and I live in Southern Maryland with my husband and daughters. I’ve been writing since I was a child, when I didn’t like the end of “The Ugly Duckling” so I rewrote it. Eventually I started making up entire stories on my own but took a detour for real life, education and journalism. Now I’m back to writing fiction and have had a great time doing it.

Author Website: www.carolynwyattwrites.com

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Arnco: Free Fiction on Kindle

Editor’s Note: ARNCO is a poignant love story that spans the full spectrum of emotions.

Book Description: Arnco is the story of an author named Jake Brigham, who’s found success in life, but doesn’t know how to deal with it. As his life begins to fray at the seams, he returns home and visits Arnco, the old mill village where his mom and grandmother once lived. Here, he’s reunited with an oldfriend, who’s been dealing with demons her entire life. Love blossoms until the past revisits and threatens to tear them apart. 

Author’s Inspiration:  While the story is fiction, Arnco is real place. My grandmother raised my mom and her three siblings here, and I spent many summers and holidays in her little 719 square foot home. I wanted to write a modern day story and somehow make Arnco relevant. It’s a place near to my heart.

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I began writing in June of 2012, wanting to check off another item on the old bucket list. My wife, Angela, is a children’s book author and encouraged me to give writing a try. As I wrote Break It, I realized how much I enjoyed bringing my story to life. Before Break It was even finished, I began Killing Chase and felt like I was beginning to find my voice as an author. As a 42-year-old stay at home, work from home dad, I realized that enough people liked what I wrote and many encouraged me to keep at it. It was empowering and I’ve vowed to continue on this writing journey. As an author, I’m cognizant of the reader’s time and I always write with this thought: Will this be a good investment of the reader’s time?

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The Trip Into Milky Way: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THE TRIP INTO MILKY WAY portrays the sixties, as seen by a rolling stone.

Book Description:  The sixties, in all its wildness, joys, psychedelics and vagabonding. The Trip Into Milky Way is the other side of Vietnam and what happens to a young man who refuses to die for his country. Having walked out of an induction center in LA, and now a man without a country, ostracized from family and friends, Clay Matthews’ one hope is to find his place in the sun, an odyssey that leads him from a sojourn in the South Pacific to the Mexican Riviera and ultimately incarceration in a Mexican prison for smuggling drugs, a crucible through which Clay must pass into manhood.

Author’s Inspiration: At first, to tell the story of being incarcerated in a Mexican prison for smuggling, an effort that soon blossomed into an epic coming of age tale set in the sixties, with the Mexican prison as the initiation rite for a young man. In fact, writing this tale became my impetus for better understanding the era in which I grew up.

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 Gary Paul Corcoran

I was the kid about whom mothers always said, “Oh, such a sweet boy.” Then the beatings began, the rebellion and by the time someone attempted to tie the Vietnam War around my neck, I was at war with the entire world. As an old friend said of me in later years, I was like a missile which various people encountered and thought, “Boy, if we could only get this thing pointed in the right direction.” In a sense, that never happened until I sat down to write seriously, and that didn’t happen until the missile finally came to a rest a few years back. Call me the poster boy for late bloomers, but I write because I love it, not because I think it would be a neat profession.

Author Website: http://thetripintomilkyway.com/

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A Song for Julia: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: Opposites attract in the heartwarming college romance A SONG FOR JULIA. 

The romance between the two will make your heart race.

Book Description: When society girl Julia Thompson and rock guitarist Crank Wilson meet at an anti-war protest in Washington in the fall of 2002, the connection between them is so powerful it threatens to tear everything apart. A story driven by family, regret, obligations and secret hurts, A Song for Julia is a heartwarming story of love and friendship.

Author’s Inspiration: This book was inspired by my own experiences at high school and college age–the alienation, frustration and angst of life, love and family.

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Sometimes I feel like I’ve had more than one life. In the last four decades I’ve been a student, a soldier, a computer programmer and a short order cook. I’ve run nonprofit organizations and restaurants, and since 2013 I’ve been a full-time author. My books include the indie bestsellers Just Remember to Breathe and Republic: A Novel of America’s Future.


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