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Halloween Recipes: Free Cookbook for Kindle

This book is going to make my next Halloween party so much fun!

Halloween Recipes is full of more than 20 fun and festive dishes that are perfect for the Halloween season. Kids and their parents will enjoy these easy, tasty recipes for Halloween-themed drinks, desserts and dishes.

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This book is free 9/24-9/28.

J.J. Pierce

J.J. has a passion for cooking and Halloween. She has combined these passions into a fun, entertaining, and delicious cookbook with fun Halloween snacks, meals and treats.

Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald – Free Kindle Book

Perfect for those interested in conspiracies and the justice system!

Why is this book one of the top 10 topics discussed in the history of the JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM web site?

Answer: $25,000. 

Want that money? It’s all yours! Just win The $25,000 JFK Challenge! No need to describe the rules now, the main details are here in Volume One . . . but know this, it’s for real, which is why it has caught the interest of the people on the forum . . .

Difficult to win? Nah, child’s play! Just listen to these words from ace prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: “Only in a fantasy world could Oswald be innocent and still have all this evidence against him. I think we can put it this way: If Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy, then Kennedy wasn’t killed on November 22, 1963.” 

But the author of IMPOSSIBLE says Bugliosi is wrong. Now, who are you going to believe, best-selling author Bugliosi, a prosecutor with over 100 felony convictions to his credit, or some nobody writer no one has heard of?

So, download this book for free on the 22nd, and be the first on your block to claim the prize! And tell all your Facebook friends who think Oswald did it their bounty awaits!

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free on 9/22.

Manual for Living: Free ebook for Kindle

A unique blend of practical and spiritual wisdom!

The Manual For Living for is an award-winning, beloved guide to finding and maintaining happiness. 

Seth David Chernoff offers straightforward advice on finding greater spiritual, physical and emotional balance and wellbeing. His beautiful book can help you identify and achieve your life’s purpose and create deeper relationships with yourself and those around you.

Learn to let go of unhappiness and mediocrity that can weigh you down and experience the love and fulfillment that awaits you. 

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This book is free 9/18-9/22.

Seth David Chernoff

Seth David Chernoff is an award-winning author, speaker and life coach. After surviving cancer twice, Seth found a deeper appreciation for life and love, and has since dedicated his time to helping others do the same.

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The Girl in the Italian Bakery – Free Kindle Book

An incredible book of hope and a wonderfully honest memoir.

The Girl in the Italian Bakery is a touching story of one man’s struggle to make the best of the terribly hand life has dealt him. Kenny Tingle has faced childhood tragedy, a broken family and a rough adolescence and years of loneliness, but he has met each challenge with surprising strength and tenacity. This inspiring book is a testament to the human spirit and our desire to not only survive, but thrive in a world filled with adversity and pain.

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This book is free 9/16-9/19.

Kenneth Tingle

Former Marine Kenneth Tingle is a registered nurse, writer, and proud husband and father. 


The Simplified Diet: Free Kindle Book

Finally some truth on how to lose weight and maintain it long term!

With the amount of confusing, contradictory weight loss information out there, it’s no wonder so many people have a hard to losing weight and staying healthy.

The Simplified Diet cuts through the hype and chaos of the weight loss industry and introduces a common-sense, easy-to-follow plan that lets you lose weight in a consistent and healthy way. 

Put your calculator down – there’s no counting calories. Just simple, effective ideas that can help you achieve permanent weight loss.

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This book is free 9/14-9/16.

Michael Massie

Years of martial arts and fitness activities led Michael Massie to earning a degree in health sciences. He is dedicated to helping others find natural, safe means of improving their health. Michael and his family live in Austin, Texas.

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How Do Private Eyes Do That? (Free Kindle Book)

An essential guide for authors writing about private eyes

Private Investigator Colleen Collins has put together a fantastic primer on writing authentic, believable detective characters. Collins’ tips are perfect for authors looking to improve their writing as well as readers who love stories featuring private investigators. 

Collins’ work has garnered praise from readers, writers, and detectives alike.

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 9/12-9/13.

Colleen Collins

Colleen Collins is the bestselling author of more than 20 award-winning  Harlequin novels romance novels and two non-fiction books about private investigating.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Colleen spent years working in and writing for the film industry and as a private investigator.

Colleen’s next book, The Next Right Thing, will be published by Harlequin in March 2013.

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