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A Fatal Verdict: Free Kindle Book

With surprises, twists, and turns, this is as good a legal thriller as you will get.

A gripping page-turner

Criminal barrister Sarah Newby is facing one of her toughest cases yet. Her client, Kathryn Walters, is accused of murdering David Kidd, who was recently acquitted of the murder of Kathryn’s daughter. 

Did the grieving mother exact her revenge on the man she believed killed her daughter? In this tangled web of guilt and lies, can Sarah discover who the real killer -and victim- is?

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Tim Vicary

University professor Tim Vicary is the acclaimed author of the the legal thriller ‘The Trials of Sarah Newby’ series, as well as historical fiction novels, children’s books, and several award-winning textbooks for students learning English.

Tim loves spending time in the beautiful English countryside, where he happens to live. A new grandfather, Tim has recently discovered an appreciation for dinosaurs.

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Angels Mark: Free Kindle Book

Spell-binding, this is one book that is hard to put down.

ANGELS MARK is a suspense novel ripped from today’s headlines! Readers who are weary of a bipartisan American government, poor economic news, political posturing and bickering and a deadlocked two-party system will find ANGELS MARK to be a satisfying read: the perfect anecdote to watching the news.

In this first-installment of the Serena Wilcox Mystery series, our heroine and her family are forced to take on new identities and destroy all connections to their old lives after Serena discovers a deadly conspiracy to obliterate the country’s already-fragile government. 

Futuristic America is in the hands of former private detective Serena Wilcox, a scary prospect for sure!

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Natalie Buske Thomas

New York-native Natalie Buske Thomas is an author, artist, and lover of all things Irish. A graduate of Ball State University, Natalie lived in Germany while her husband was stationed there. She now lives in Minnesota with her husband and their three kids.

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No Good Deed: Free Kindle Book

The plot to the novel was not only unique, but it was wonderfully executed. Mark Taylor was a deep, complex character. He was a good hero, but had enough flaws to be completely believable.

Following the sudden disappearance of treasure hunter Ben Sanders in Mexico, beautiful archaeologist Suzy da Silva is snatched from the cloistered environs of Oxford University and thrust into a deadly maelstrom of intrigue and discovery.

Joining forces with astrophysicist Tom Brooking she crosses four continents, to unlock the dark secrets of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the Holy Sepulchre and the mysterious Mayan Temple of Inscriptions to reveal a mysterious truth.

Together they risk their lives, pursued by martial assassins and renegade special forces, fighting the forces of evil to discover hidden knowledge so precious that it has lain dormant for over a thousand years…

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M.P. McDonald


M.P. McDonald was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois. The town’s claim to fame is the home of Ray Bradbury.

In addition to writing, M.P. McDonald works as a respiratory therapist.

You can reach the author at mmcdonald64@gmail.com.


Six Free Thriller Books for Kindle

What an awesome selection! These SIX thrillers are FREE for Kindle!

Turn Around Where Possible’ , ‘The Folks at Fifty-Eight’ , and ‘Through the Portal’ are all free 8/24-8/25. ‘The Ghost at the Foot of the Stairs’ is free 8/24-8/26. ‘Quantum Lapse’ and the Scott Nicholson collection are free on 8/24 only.

Shadow of the Sun: Free Kindle Book

An intriguing historical fantasy, a rich and multi-layered tale of politics, religion and spirituality in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian civilization has reached new heights of power and achievement. But the country is wracked with fear and unrest, stirred by nefarious priests who use terror and violence to amass wealth and control the people. 

Even the brilliant Queen Nefertiti has been unable to bring peace to her country. Her efforts of simply magnified the unrest, and Egypt hovers on the brink of civil war.  

Nefertiti’s daughter, Merit-Aten, was born with the powerful gift of insight and the ability to communicate with animals. Merit-Aten is desperate to protect her family and save her beloved country, but the dangers are growing every day. Can a young girl restore peace to war-torn Egypt? 

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This book is free 8/22 – 8/23.

Merrie P. Wycoff

Merrie’s love for Egypt and its rich history was sparked on an elementary school field trip to The Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California. 

After college Merrie embarked on a career in journalism and eventually found success in the television industry. But her passion for Egyptian culture and history, and she has both traveled and studied the country extensively. 

Merrie, her husband and their two children live in Coloroado. Recently she published Born in Orgasmic Bliss, an educational account of her own spiritual quest to achieve a natural, joyful and pleasurable birth experience.

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A Game of Proof: Free Kindle Book

With surprises, twists, and turns, this is as good a legal thriller as you will get.

A brilliant courtroom thriller

Sarah Newby worked hard for the life she’s built for herself and her family. As a single, teenage mother with nowhere to turn, Sarah dropped out of school at 15 and moved to an inner-city slum.  

Now she’s an ambitious and successful barrister. And her son Simon’s just been charged with multiple rapes and murders. The evidence against him is overwhelming, but Simon insists that he’s innocent. Sarah doesn’t think her child is capable of such atrocities, and she agrees to take his case. 

Things are further complicated when another suspect is named. And Sarah’s defended him in court before. 

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This book is free 8/21-8/23.

Tim Vicary

University professor Tim Vicary is the author of thrillers, historical fiction, children’s books, and several award-winning textbooks for people learning English. 

Tim loves spending time outdoors in the beautiful English countryside, where he lives with his family. 

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