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Pixieland Diaries (Pixieland Diaries Book 1) on Kindle

Pixieland Diaries (Pixieland Diaries Book 1) by Christina Bauer: ***WARNING*** If you don’t like pixies, don’t read this diary. If you don’t like loud-mouthed pixies who are really cool but sometimes get told they’re immature (for no reason), then definitely stop reading. Oh, but if you’ve read this far, then you better finish my entire diary. My story is supernatural, whacked-out, and overall awesome.

This book is Free on July 5, 2022

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Sparks of Darkness on Kindle

Sparks of Darkness by Barry Ahern: If you got paid every time you laughed, would you laugh enough to be happy? Zach is struggling to make sense of his powerful gift. Does he even belong with the ancient order of protectors? The dark side believes he is their savior. To find out, he must journey through different versions of our world, to find out what he is, and who he is. How dangerous could it be in the World of Laughter?

This book is Free on July 5, 2022


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