Sweet Moments and Gothic Monsters: Free Young Adult eBooks

Children of the Night on Kindle

Children of the Night by Zan Safra: In the words of one reviewer, “Take four famous gothic monsters and make them superpowered teenagers in a steampunk version of Venice fighting vampires…this is an insane concept that totally works.”

This book is Free on September 24, 2022

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Lock & West on Kindle

Lock & West by Alexander C. Eberhart: Lock and West is an opposites-attract story about two high school boys. Lock is an awkward homeschooler whose family just moved to Atlanta. West is a popular, out drama lead who seems like an open book, but there are dark secrets hidden between the pages. Lock & West offers a blend of sweet moments, and angst, perfect for fans of Adam Silvera.

This book is Free on September 24, 2022


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