Murder and Dark Prices: Free Horror eBooks

Burn on Kindle

Burn by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne: Penny has been in love with Matthew for a long time. Unfortunately, Matthew does not feel the same. He is in a happy relationship with a beautiful young woman named Hannah. During her final year of university, Penny decides to forget about Matthew. And she tries to live her life without him. Soon after, Matthew tells Penny that he loves her. Matthew’s love come at a dark price.

This book is Free on December 27, 2022

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Mother Maggot on Kindle

Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy: After a fried-chicken-fueled sex romp, Eddie embarks on a perverted odyssey. Murder, torture, geriatrics, bugs, and big, beautiful women all fail to satisfy until he meets the Maggot Mother—a nymphomaniac, cannibal, human-maggot hybrid with a sweet side.

This book is Free on December 27, 2022


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