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Origins (Undercity Heroes Book 1) on Kindle

Origins (Undercity Heroes Book 1) by Ren Blake: Tia’s always kept a low profile because if her true identity got out, she’d be dead. After saving Rockslide on the streets at night, she’s forced into the world of heroes and needs to make a choice. Keep hiding – or be the best hero the city’s ever seen. A young adult urban fantasy with sarcastic heroes, demons, and secret identities.

This book is Free on March 22, 2023


The Radical Gatsby on Kindle

The Radical Gatsby by Charlie Wood: What if “The Great Gatsby” took place in 1996? When high school senior Nick moves to Long Island, he meets two people who will change his life: wild party girl Daisy Fay and her mysterious ex-boyfriend, the millionaire Jay Gatsby…

This book is Free on March 22, 2023

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