How to Find Free Books on Apple Books

Apple Books, Apple’s digital bookstore and reading app, offers a huge library of eBooks across all your favorite genres. While many of these books come with a cost, there are also lots of free books to be discovered. Whether you’re an avid reader or just looking for a few good books without breaking the bank, this guide will show you how to find free books on Apple Books.

What is Apple Books?

Apple Books is the official app for reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks on Apple devices. The only way to access this app is from iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, or Mac computers. Unlike other platforms like Amazon Kindle or Kobo, Apple does not sell a dedicated e-ink reading device.

How to Access the Apple Books Store

Unlike other online bookstores, Apple makes it a little tricky to access it’s store. While you can access some direct eBook links and top charts in a web browser, you won’t be able to see the whole store or purchase/download books without using the app. The Apple Books app should already be downloaded on your Apple device. If it is not, just click here and you’ll be able to find the app.

Once the app is on your device, simply click on the Apple Books icon and it will open. You can also click on ‘view in Apple Books’ on a specific book via a web browser.

How to Find Free Books on Apple Books

Where to Find Free Books on the Apple Books Store

Now that you are in the Apple Books app, we’ll show you how to find those free books you’ve been searching for. (Note: these steps are while using the Apple Books App on a Mac, it is a similar process on iPhone but the menus will be in different locations)

On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Book Store’.

How to Find Free Books on Apple Books 2

When in the Book Store section, scroll down until you find ‘Top Charts’. The free charts will be on the right. Now click on ‘See More Free’ at the bottom of the section.

How to Find Free Books on Apple Books 3

Now you can browse through the current top free book charts on the Apple Books Store.

How to Find Free Books on Apple Books 4

While the Top Charts have some fantastic free books, you’ll likely want a more extensive list. To bring up more options, click on the search bar at the top left of the app. In this box, you can search for ‘Free Books’ to see a longer list of free titles. You can also add a specific genre to this search query like ‘Free Romance Books’ to see a more specific collection.

How to Find Free Books on Apple Books 5

It’s that easy, while you won’t be able to find all the free books on the Apple Store, this method definitely offers a decent selection of free books.

Want Free Books Every Day?

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