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Elderblood Chronicles: Book Of Chaos on Kindle

Elderblood Chronicles: Book Of Chaos by J.A. Gardin: Princess Nefertari, aided by allies, quests for seven magical keys to thwart Set’s chaos in ancient Egypt. Journeying through hidden tombs and enchanted forests, they battle monsters and dark rituals, testing bonds and love. ‘Book of Chaos’ blends Egyptian myth with courage, friendship, and hope, shaping an epic, unimaginable destiny.

This book is Free on October 15, 2023


First Shadow on Kindle

First Shadow by P R Adams: After a promising start, Faith Benson’s career in the Kedraalian Republic Navy hit a dead end. When an accident sends her ship into space separating the Republic from their enemies, the two powers move closer to war. Dig into the first three books in this twisty, suspenseful military space opera tale and find out what’s in the shadows.

This book is Free on October 15, 2023

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