Supernatural Horrors and Dire Situations: Free Horror eBooks

Phantom In The Pines on Kindle

Phantom In The Pines by R.K. Latch: Henry Lawton works for his father in the family moonshining business. When a relentless federal agent enlists the aid of the corrupt local sheriff, things take a turn for the worse. The death toll mounts, and the situation grows dire; perhaps the only thing that can fight man’s evil is the supernatural.

This book is Free on October 24, 2023

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Squirm on Kindle

Squirm by Hugo Bernard: He was an idiot to believe he could get rich, insanely buff and the hottest girl in Jersey without suffering any consequences. The bodies were pilling up and it would be a miracle if he survived the horrors of the night. A fast-paced story of regular gym guys living supernatural horrors. WARNING: Heavy on profanity, debauchery and violence.

This book is Free on October 24, 2023


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