Survival Guides and Revenge: Free Young Adult eBooks

The Ultimate Teen Girl's Survival Guide on Kindle

The Ultimate Teen Girl’s Survival Guide by DreamDrift Publishing: The empowering roadmap to help teen girls navigate the complexities of adolescence with confidence, resilience, and grace. This inclusive guide combines practical advice, real-life stories, and a touch of biblical wisdom, offering invaluable insights for young women from all walks of life. Find self-confidence and embrace your true self.

This book is Free on March 9, 2024


The Ghost's Revenge (Red Dragon Fantasy Series Book 1) on Kindle

The Ghost’s Revenge (Red Dragon Fantasy Series Book 1) by Ian McFarlane: Book #1 in Red Dragon fantasy series. The legend of Merlin and King Arthur lives on through three modern teenagers – shapeshifter Toby, half-elven Arty, witch Fay – as they discover their true magical powers, the value of friendship and the cost of treachery while battling a mer-army, a vengeful ghost and a family secret that rocks Toby’s world.

This book is Free on March 9, 2024

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