Daring & Defiant and Super: Free Young Adult eBooks

Super on Kindle

Super by Grant Smits: 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Award Winner! For the brother of a superhero, life is anything but ordinary. When James’s Bolt brother disappears without a trace, the powerless teenager must jump into action and be the hero he’s always wanted to be. If you like globetrotting adventures, lighthearted humor, and mystery, you’ll love this book!

This book is Free on March 25, 2024


Daring & Defiant on Kindle

Daring & Defiant by Kaitlyn Davis: Five spell-binding tales of heroes and heroines who dared to fight back, defied all the odds, and basically… kicked some butt. This box set includes three full-length first-in-series novels as well as two prequel novellas, all by USA Today “must-read” author Kaitlyn Davis. For fans of kickass heroines and action-packed fantasy romances!

This book is Free on March 25, 2024

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