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Storms of Malhado on Kindle

Storms of Malhado by Maria Elena Sandovici: Defying evacuation orders, Katie and her parents await Hurricane Ike in their Galveston mansion. The house has survived many storms, but several past inhabitants drowned, including two women with destinies eerily similar to Katie’s. Will she repeat their fate? Perfect for fans of Isabel Allende, this Amazon best seller will delight your senses.

This book is Free on March 27, 2024


The Rampion Child on Kindle

The Rampion Child by Minerva Hart: A dark retelling of ‘Rapunzel’. High in the mountains, far from the religious order that seeks to exterminate witches, live Lorelai and her mother Breanne. Breanne insists they have all they need because they have each other. But when Lorelai makes her first friend, her mother will do the unspeakable to keep the girl from outgrowing her.

This book is Free on March 27, 2024

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