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Halloween Special: Edgar Allen Poe Free eBooks

Edgar Allen Poe is one of our favorite authors, and his stories are perfect to read around Halloween. Grab his works and get spooked! Of course, they’re all FREE.

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The Works of Edgar Allen Poe — Volume 1

The Works of Edgar Allen Poe — Volume 2

The Works of Edgar Allen Poe — Volume 3

The Works of Edgar Allen Poe — Volume 4

The Works of Edgar Allen Poe — Volume 5

No More Crumbs: Free Kindle Book

The book takes you through the author’s personal journey of toxic relationships and how she eliminated them!

You want to attract love and be in a healthy relationship, but you only seem to attract the crummy guys. It’s time for a change, starting today…

Every day, women everywhere relinquish their dignity, ambitions and happiness for the chance to find love. But all too often, they come up short, duped by immature and dishonest men who can’t offer the love and respect women deserve. 

It seems everyday millions of women dive, crawl, and lie prostrate under the tables of the men (who say they love her) and eat the crumbs of deceit, invisibility and misery each and every day. They know it’s not right because it does not feel right. They see other women being cherished and showered with attention and affection. They see these women feasting at the table of love prepared by the men in their lives. They smell the aroma of love at this banquet prepared just for these lucky women and wonder how and why she got stuck with the crumbs of love. 

“No More Crumbs” introduces readers to 10 changes that can improve their love lives, self esteem and overall wellbeing. 

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This book is free 10/29 – 10/31.

Samantha A. Gregory

Samantha Gregory is the Love and Liberation expert. She’s passionate about empowering women to succeed and discover the well-spring of love flowing in their hearts through conversations and coaching. 

She is excited about delivering programs that liberate women from the self-limiting beliefs, fear, and depression that keep them captive. Ms. Gregory helps professional women who are stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling relationships transform into liberated ladies who become relationship geniuses after working with her.

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Southern Strife: Free eBook for Kindle

A must-read for those interested in the Civil Rights era.

The pain and rage of clashing cultural landscapes explode in this provocative and sobering look of America’s south during the mid-1960’s. Twelve-year-old Joy Bradford moves with her mother Jessica from their white Connecticut suburb to the racially divided town of Willets Point, Florida. Her friendship with Clay, a mixed-race boy and also a newcomer in town, sends shockwaves through her family and the community, increasing the growing racial tension that already exists.

Clay’s well-educated, African-American father Clytus attempts to open a clothing store in the white section of downtown Willets Point. This prompts Jessica’s new lawyer cum boyfriend and leader of the local Klan chapter, Bill McKendrick, to join with other white citizens in driving the family out of town. This forceful demand sets off an explosive confrontation that will change them all forever.

An absorbing and suspenseful coming-of-age story set against the tumultuous backdrop of racial tensions in mid-1960’s America, Southern Strife is a spellbinding journey full of insight and intensity.

WARNING: This book has content that may be disturbing if not absorbed within the context of the time in which the story is told.

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Valerie Stocking


Valerie started writing when she was five-years old, and won a short story contest in Jack and Jill Magazine when she was eight. At ten, her mother bought her a typewriter.

Valerie worked as an editor for audio books for six years.

“A Touch of Murder” was her first published novel, and is the first in the Samantha Kern series. Her second book, “Southern Strife” deals with an adolescent’s coming of age in the deep South during 1966-67. Valerie is currently working on 2 more Samantha Kern novels, after which she plans to write a supernatural thriller.


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Coming Home – Free Kindle eBook

One of the most heart-warming romance books I’ve read in a long time.

After struggling fruitlessly to conceive, Lillie and Jonathon finally discover that he is infertile. Jonathan leaves, and the crushed Lillie must struggle to put the pieces of her life back together.

Eventually Lillie is able to build the family she’s wanted for so long. She’s happy and whole.

And then Jonathan shows up at her door. Lillie thinks she’s ready for closure, but finds she can’t close that chapter of her life quite yet. 

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This book is free 10/28-10/30.

Julie Sellers

Freelance author Julie Sellers’ work has been featured on NPR and in multiple parenting magazines. 

A single mother of two, Julie’s non-fiction book, “Immediate  Family: The Adoption Option”, details the process of adopting her children from Russia and offers advice to families considering adoption.

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