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Second Chance: Free Kindle Book

Heartwarming, emotional and beautiful.

Shannon Harris is a widow at 39. But her husband’s death comes as relief for Shannon, who had endured his legal antics and abuse for nearly 20 years. 

In order to escape the shadow of her husband’s legacy, Shannon moves to a new state. Emotionally vulnerable and haunted by memories of her marriage, Shannon doesn’t think she can ever love again. But then she meets Tanner…

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This book is free 8/26.

Rachel Hanna

Rachel Hanna is a romance writer who lives outside of Atlanta, GA. She has loved to write stories since she was a small child. Reviewers and readers have commented on the reality of her stories and how she is able to weave such emotion into them. In her spare time, she loves to read fiction, play with her three kids and throw balls for her two crazy dogs!

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Malaika – Free Kindle Book

It is a very beautiful, simple, and touching story.

A middle-aged man with the crushing weight of his American past seeks peace and a simpler life in rural Kenya. Armed with only his smokes and coffee he discovers a friendship with the most unlikely of friends–a lioness he rightfully names Malaika (“Angel” in Swahili). But she is no ordinary lioness nor is he an ordinary man.

Between them they share a gift. But not all embrace their bond and some seek to sever it. Discover this new world rich in human truth and sensibility.

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Van Heerling

I don’t just make stuff up.

I imagine new worlds and the people within them. And then quietly and with a curious eye, I spy on them to see what they will do next.

Three Free Kindle Fantasy Books

What’s your fantasy? These three FREE Kindle books might have it waiting for you- just click the covers to find out!

The Case of the Witch’s Talisman’ is free 8/26-8/28. ‘The Opening’ and ‘The Rising Wind’ are free 8/26-8/27.


The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza – Free Kindle Book

A fun adventure with an original concept that encourages kids to use their minds to solve problems!

Special agent Auggie Spinoza travels through time solving mysteries and catching criminals. He also happens to be 10 years old. 

Auggie’s latest adventure might be his biggest one yet. Auggie faces an evil enemy, but with the help of new friends and ancient clues, he might just be able to save the day.

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This book is free 8/25 – 8/27.

Steven Stickler

Author Steven Stickler has been writing since he was five years old. His day job involves writing nonfiction reports for adults, but in his free time he loves writing stories for his son and is working on his next young adult novel. 

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Six Free Contemporary Fiction Books for Kindle

These books fall under that difficult-to-define ‘literary fiction’ category. But they’re all contemporary, and they’re all FREE on Kindle!

‘Eding Past Reality’ , ‘The Driving Lesson’ , and ‘And Stones Shall Dance’ are free on 8/25. ‘Every Why’ and ‘Feria’ are free 8/25-8/37. ‘Nitt Witt Ridge’ is free 8/25-8/26.