Noble Intentions: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: NOBLE INTENTIONS is an international conspiracy thriller with a protagonist reminiscent of Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne.

Book Description:  When a trained killer stops mid-job to help a lost child, his world is flipped upside down. The consequences for disobeying one of New York City’s top crime bosses create a ripple effect through Jack Noble’s life, putting not only himself in danger, but also those who he cares most about. One simple act of compassion leads Jack and his associates on a wild ride through New York, Paris, southern France and Italy.

Author’s Inspiration: I had wanted to create an anti-hero that had some elements of the pulp fiction era. Originally, the story was slated to be a novella, but fifty pages in, I realized that I had an immeasurable connection with the protagonist, and that I had to extend the story. The “pulpiness” of the story faded. The novella turned into a novel. And the novel turned into a now six-book-long series.

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L.T. Ryan

I was eleven years old when my uncle handed me a worn copy of Stephen King’s The Shining. I had always been a voracious reader, but mostly young reader books up to that point. The Shining opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities. I knew at that moment…I wanted to be a writer. As a teen, I wrote stories, mostly horror, featuring my friends and family. Disturbing to them, captivating to me. I continued writing through college and then sporadically into adulthood. Work and family and life interfered… Until I conceived the character Jack Noble. That’s when it clicked, and my writing took off. Now, I’ve completed six Jack Noble novels, two books in a sci-fi/horror series, and the first in a new detective series.

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Lock & Load: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: LOCK & LOAD is an intense tale of vigilante justice.  

Book Description: Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are business partners. From undercover assignments in high security prisons to security jobs for celebrities, they do it all. Their most recent job is to protect a young Hollywood star from an abusive, obsessive ex boyfriend. It should be an easy job, Ty certainly seems to think so, but they are about to find out that danger can come from unexpected places. 

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Sean Black

Find out more about the author on his website:

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Casanova Killer, An SSCD Crime Thriller: Free for Kindle, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: CASANOVA KILLER is a fast-paced crime thriller with heavy undercurrents of romance.

Action packed, suspenseful, and very well written.

Book Description:  A serial killer targets beautiful women of San Francisco, first with romance, then with death. Jerry Forbes, an agent with the FBI’s Special Serial Crime Division (SSCD), becomes bait for this ingeniously heinous psychopath. Will love become a distraction she doesn’t need or provide the strength that allows her to succeed?

Author’s Inspiration:  Readers wanted more information about Dylan Dawes, a character from my Timeless Trilogy series, and his history with Jerry Forbes, the main character in the SSCD series. I also wanted to introduce Jerry’s love interest, Ethan Barnes, and explain why their relationship is so rocky.

Who would play the main character in the movie version of your book: Angelina Jolie



Thanks to loyal readers who appreciate my imagination, I’m a full-time novelist. I love reading, of course, along with bead weaving and antiquing. For the past year, I’ve been redoing our home, a seemingly unending project. I also love to travel, when I can manage it. Recently, I spent time touring the mountains of North Georgia, truly beautiful country. Earlier this year, I visited Napa, Yosemite and several small towns in Northern California as research for my Starsdale series. The vistas were stunning and I hope to visit Wyoming, Montana and Oregon next year.

I’m inspired by beautiful scenery and a calm, peaceful atmosphere. My favorite place to write is my office. Facing the back yard, it has lots of windows so I’m never at a loss for distractions like birds splashing in their bath or cats chasing falling leaves.

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On the Back of the Beast: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Everything changes forever when a massive earthquake devastates Northern California in ON THE BACK OF THE BEAST.

The characters are interesting and easy to identify with. 

Book Description: No one knew what was was coming or was ready when the disaster hit the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on stories of real surviver, sympathize with the many characters facing the chaos a earthquake creates.   

Author’s Inspiration: I have lived my entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a wonderful seven thousand or so square miles of both natural beauty and man-made creations wrapped around a huge bluish-gray estuary that spills into the Pacific at the Golden Gate. When the rather moderate Loma Prieta Earthquake struck south of the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, I became fascinated with the sense of communal denial that blinds the residents of Northern California to the omnipresent danger. A huge seismic disaster is inevitable. 

Nearly everyone who has survived a major earthquake can tell a tale with razor sharpness of their particular situation when the ground moved. Many people admit to doing exactly the wrong things at that moment: working high up on a ladder, gazing out of a skyscraper window, rummaging around in the basement of a brick building, landing a crowded jumbo jet. I strove to capture these sorts of survivor’s stories when I wrote “On The Back Of The Beast.”

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I took up novel writing when the recent recession caused the Construction industry to sputter to a halt in 2008. I’ve since completed seven books and published three. I am currently writing a gritty Literary Fiction book about homelessness called “The Missive in the Margins.” Since it has been so warm recently, I have been enjoying 3 or 4 Popsicles each day. The chilly treats remind me of the summers of my youth. My teenage daughter has been swapping music with me. I got her interested in The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck and she has me listening to Icona Pop, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

God’s Memory, Part I: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: GOD’S MEMORY shows us that sometimes the truth is more terrible than the blackest of lies.

Fast-paced, tense, suspenseful, and well-written. It kept me reading.

Book Description: There are numerous documentaries online trying to convince us that our leaders stage false flag attacks against their own citizens. 

That they enslave us with unbearable taxes, and artificially create financial crises. 

That they hide the real truth from us.

Of course they are. 

But we all know that our world is not black and white. There is an explanation for every decision, and sometimes it’s not as simple as

profiting from arms industry, and controlling the Oil market.

This book is my humble attempt at analyzing our current issues with an open mind, and from all possible angles.

Readers who love Dan Brown and Tom Clancy will enjoy GOD’S MEMORY.  

Author’s Inspiration: The events of 9/11, and the following conspiracy documentaries by Alex Jones and Peter Joseph.

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Michael Landsberg was born in Moscow. His native language is Russian but he also speaks English, Hebrew, German, and a little Ukrainian. While writing God’s Memory he also worked full-time as a Creative/Art director for one of the biggest game developing companies in the world.  

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