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You’re Strong Enough : A Quest To Discover Who You Really Are- Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: YOU’RE STRONG ENOUGH is about understanding the purpose of life, who we truly are, and our potential.  

This very well written book is a must read for young people or anyone facing adversities in their life.

Book Description:  You’re strong enough takes young adult readers on a quest to discover who they are, why they are here, where they came from, and what their ultimate goal is. Christian writer, Kassi Pontious, shares personal experiences aimed at teaching young people that each of us is strong enough for our own trials and challenges.

Author’s Inspiration:  I came from a rough upbringing and yet have survived many of the pitfalls that await the young people. I wrote You’re Strong Enough to share my experiences with the youth on how they can overcome anything life throws at them. I share my personal knowledge of the purpose of life and our part in it. I aim to inspire and uplift all those confused, lost and feel alone.

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Kassi Pontious wrote the You’re Enough Series to help struggling young adults and teenagers. She writes using her own life experiences, as she understands what it’s like to be from a divorced and dysfunctional family. Kassi graduated from the LDS Christian Church missionary program and leads Christian youth groups. She has studied religion extensively. In addition to her writing and religious work, she runs a successful real estate brokerage firm in Alpine, Utah. Kassi is married with four children and loves hiking, playing sports, geo caching, and swimming. 


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Love Is Here: How to Dream and Attract Your Partner into Life: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Get the love of your life by using visualization methods, affirmations, law of attraction and more.

This book is motivating, uplifting and it really makes you think about changing your life.

Book Description: Marrilyn S.H. Tong uses her own life experiences to help you get the life you want. This book anybody looking for love, from long lasting relationships to just someone to have fun with. She shares her secrets that guarantee success every time. 

Author’s Inspiration: I surprised myself a few years back when I look back at the lists I have created, and realize that each time almost all of what I’ve wanted will come true in my next partner. As time goes on I keep on meeting people and having loved ones who are single and trying to find the love of their life. This book is written for these people in the hope that everyone will find their true love too as I did. I believe that everyone deserves to fall in love right the right one! 🙂

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I got my first paid job to write articles when I was 17 years old and have been doing this up to now. Over the years I find myself having interest in self-development, alternative healing, as well as reading quite many self-help books; I even set up a website to give free Reiki distance healings as well as intuitive counseling to people, for quite many years too. so you can say that I am the kind of person who would like to make the world a better place. 


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Why You’re Stuck- Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  Unlock your inner genius and overcome any challenge with the help of this motivational book. 

Derek has filled this book with the wisdom of the ages as well as some of the current brain research. 

Book Description: Are you pissed off life didn’t give you an instruction manual? Whether you’re trying to figure out what you want in in life or just how to get it, “Why You’re Stuck” reveals the underlying psychology behind how we dig ourselves into ruts of confusion, anxiety, worry, lack of motivation, and habits that can’t be broken. Then it goes to show you how to unlock your inner creative genius to solve any problem you have – be it with your health, wealth, or happiness.

Author’s Inspiration: I am regular guy who used to be out of shape, broke, and struggling to find answers to life’s big questions. After years of study and thousands of dollars spent on education from the world’s leading experts in psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and personal development, I applied many great concepts to my own life. And… nothing much happened.

At least not until I discovered a few more key insights that tied everything together into a concise system. I decided to write the book I wish I had handed to me from the very start of things, the instruction manual for life if you will, to help you achieve whatever breakthroughs you desire in your life.

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My passion for writing and helping others started with health and fitness. I saw so many people struggling to get in shape, but lacking the drive and willpower to change their habits. This led me down a long road of studying psychology and human behavior so that I could not only help people change their own limiting habits, but work through some of my own issues as well. I love writing because it gives me the opportunity to impact people’s lives in a positive way. I believe that if we all do our part, we each become part of a bigger puzzle of transforming the world. I hope my writing serves to inspire others to pursue their own passion and purpose so I can leave this world knowing I made a difference.


You Will See Your Baby In Heaven: A Man’s Perspective of Stillbirth: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: YOU WILL SEE YOUR BABY IN HEAVEN sends help, hope, and love to parents of stillborn children. 

It is well-written and honest and can help those encountering stillbirth to see that they are not alone.

Book Description:  This book is a guide for parents dealing with the loss of a stillborn child. It shares the journey they went through from a man’s perspective and gives practical advice on how to deal with the difficult things couples will face post loss. The strong message of hope and love provides comfort to grieving parents. 

Author’s Inspiration:   It never occurred to me to write a book about the loss of my second child until one of my coworkers experienced the same grief and loss in his family. After closing the office door, I talked with him about the sadness and recovery my wife, Mai, and I went through. I told him about how after our second child died we were able to have a happy life again and how we were able to go on and have a healthy baby. Our discussion and my suggestions for ways he could help his family left me walking away with very mixed feelings. Reliving the pain of losing a child was difficult, but the warm feeling of having helped another family was tremendous, and I knew there was a true purpose in that.

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Drew Kelly is a husband and father who enjoys photography, running, and reading. He grew up near Detroit, and spent several years in Japan and loves the mountains, ocean, and rivers there. He is also an avid fan of farmers’ markets and takes his family nearly every Saturday when in season. His best friend, besides his wife, is his pug, Buster, who is always at his side. They enjoy cooking, reading, farmers’ markets and thick crust pizza.

Drew and his Wife Mai have a wildly successful YouTube channel where the teach people how to make sushi: www.youtube.com/thejapanfoodchannel 

Author’s Website: www.babyinheaven.com 

Heaven on Earth: Simple Ways to Be Happy- Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: HEAVEN ON EARTH contains secrets to happiness that would make the Dalia Lama smile

There were so many excellent points that I knew on a logical level, but never really put into practice.


Book Description: In HEAVEN ON EARTH Timothy uncovers simple tools and techniques that, once applied, will enable readers to ride through life’s obstacles on a deep and abiding source of inner peace. You can defeat day-to-day depression, discouragement, anxiety, anger, or just an ordinary bad mood. It is not easy, but it is simpler than you think. It is also a practical, empowering, and easy-to-follow workbook. By combining happiness strategies, exercises in new ways of thinking, and quizzes for understanding your individuality, you will realize your innate potential for joy and ways to sustain it in your life.

Get this Kindle book FREE August 29



Timothy KcKinney lives with his wife Cindy and their two children, Heather and Robbie, in Redondo Beach, California. After graduating from the University of Southern California with degrees in business and psychology, he went on to work as a corporate trainer conducting workshops on subjects relating the happiness and workplace effectiveness, which he has been doing since 1997. He is a passionate vegetarian who enjoys SCUBA diving in the kelp forests of Catalina Island. 


Contender vs Pretender: Free For Kindle

Editor’s Note: Contender vs Pretender is a no-nonsense guide to avoid getting victimized by online predators.

 Book Description:  CONTENDER VS PRETENDER features dating advice for women who are looking for love online. The book lays out the characteristics of the Contender and shows you how to spot, attract, and keep him. It also lists tell-tale signs of Pretenders: their dating practices and how to know when to walk away.

This book can help countless women out there. They need to be armed with the knowledge and insights this book will give them while going online to find love. There are many sharks and piranhas out there lurking to feed on victims. This book will prevent many women from being prey to the hungry scavengers. Men may take offense to my writing, because I don’t hold back in my assessments of the bad guys.

Author’s Inspiration: Seeing many women get hurt by online predators and giving up on love. I know too much about online dating that I’m bursting at the seams to share my knowledge.

Get the Free Kindle book here

Get this ebook for free until 7/8. 

Nina Andres

I’m a hopeless romantic and purveyor of love stories. My failed attempt at finding love online and hearing too many horror stories of women getting hurt: physically, emotionally, and financially is what drives me to share my knowledge and experience of what’s out there.



Editor’s Note: Fans of He’s Just Not That Into You will enjoy 7 REASONS WOMEN DON’T HAVE THE RELATIONSHIP THEY WANT SO BADLY.


Book Description:  For every women tired of crappy relationships, to put it bluntly, here is a book that will go over 7 main reasons why she still has not found true, lasting love. With sections dealing with everyone from her friends, to the media to her own obstacles she’s putting in front of herself, why wouldn’t it be worth investing an afternoon in a FREE book on the way to finding the real thing?

Author’s Inspiration: Dylan noticed that he was having the same conversations over and over again with his girlfriends and their friends. He began to notice patterns in behavior and logic that didn’t make sense to him as a man. After having enough of these conversations he set out to inform women of how men think and where women may be going wrong in their pursuit of idyllic relationships.

Get the Free Kindle book here

This book is free through 6/30

Dylan Thrasher

Who am I? I’m the guy who’s going to help you get what you want. I’m not going to hand it to you on a silver platter. I’m going to show you the path to attain that happiness, and I will push you to succeed. I will remove your limiting beliefs. Dating coach, love coach, life and relationship coach – it doesn’t matter what others or I call it – what matters is that it works for people and helps improve their lives.

Put your trust in me. I don’t give up easily. Neither should you.


Release Negative Emotion: 21 Things You Wish You Knew :: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Get rid of that negative emotional baggage with this new and helpful guide to releasing those bad feelings. 

This book was easy to follow and helped me lose the negativity.

Negative feelings prevent us from being happy and have us react badly. They bring down the quality of our lives and even cause us to treat loved ones poorly—which is why a number of the “Things You Wish You Knew” are about releasing anger, sadness, guilt and the like.

An essential part of this book is about letting go that life-limiting baggage and moving on. RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTION is a fun read too!

The author was inspired to write this book (as part of a series) by the foolish mistakes in his life. As he looks back on his life, he wishses that there was some wisdom and guidance that he could have that would have prevented some of the regrets in his life. This book is a culmination of his insights and advice.

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 6/7-6/8.

Daniel Speraw


I am a writer who began with a column in the San Jose Mercury News, nationally syndicated. Published to date is the 4-Book-Series An Entertaining Treasure of Life’s Simplest Solutions. Stop Fighting YOU is my newest.

So from the central coast of the west, I submit these curious jottings of curiosity to be browsed by those who will hopefully find them as helpful as they hope. 


Connect with Daniel:

Public Speaking Without Fear : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Afraid to get up and talk in front of crowds? Well here’s the book for you to help overcome those fears. Give that speech you always wanted to!  

This book gives you tips on how to make that presentation without trepidation.

Book Description: Do you get that sick to your stomach feeling when your asked to give a talk in front of a crowd? Well PUBLIC SPEAKING WITHOUT FEAR has the tools and techniques that you need to be able to express yourself without the trepidation. With this guide, you can lose the anxiety and gain confidence. 

Public speaking is hard work no matter what others may say.  But you CAN learn how to capture attention, communicate effectively and avoid embarrassment the next time you step in front of an audience.

From the Book: Winston Churchill once observed that “a good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”  That’s an excellent rule to keep in mind during the planning phase of building your speech or presentation.

Have you ever been in an audience and heard others complaining that a speech was too brief? 

I thought not.

Speakers often misunderstand what it is that their listeners actually want to hear.  Unless you, the speaker, are a famous and beloved figure, it’s unlikely that anyone will complain if you get straight to the point and then get the heck off the stage.

This rule applies to corporate speeches, political speeches or even just a toast at your brother’s wedding.  Say what you need to say and then sit back down.


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This book is free 5/25-5/29.

Frank Fields


Frank Fields was born in Toms River, NJ and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He currently lives on the coast of North Carolina with his wife.  Frank writes, travels and speaks to audiences around the country.

Goodbye Mr. Ex : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Trying to move on after that messy break up? Here’s a little free help to get you moving on up!  

This book is a brilliant step by step guide that is guaranteed to help you move on from your ex.

GOODBYE MR. EX is the book that will be the catalyst for you to move on with your life. This book is a practical, from experience, guide to doing what you need to do to release the past and move on, properly! It’s packed full of great exercises that help you to apply everything you learn in each chapter. The key to a healthy relationship is to not have the past bring you down. This book will help you divest your past so that you can find the right partner! 

If you’re struggling to let go, get this book and struggle no more! 

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 5/22.

Marina Pearson


Marina is a heartbreak coach, an author, speaker and the Founder of Divorce Shift an organization that works with women to get over their ex relationship to move on in a safe and nurturing environment. She has helped a growing number of women around the globe who in just 10 sessions or less have left their anger, resentment and guilt behind and started a new chapter of their life.

She has written numerous books on this topic from her experiences as a divorcee and observations of family members who are divorced. Marina is unique and able to empathize with her clients on a truly deep level. 

Marina has been featured in national UK newspapers such as The Guardian and Daily Mail as well as magazines such as Prima, Glamour Magazine and Take a Break and TV shows on divorce on SKY TV.

Marina lives in Ware in Hertfordshire with her fiance and soon to be husband.

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