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Moonlight Transformation of Knowledge: Free Self-Help on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Moonlight Transformation of Knowledge is a self help book that explains why we feel the way we do and how to change it for the better.

Book Description: Ruth Tel-Tsur, a clinical psychologist, details the specific and required steps needed to overcome the pain and agony that holds us back. She will lead you to a healthy, positive life. 

Author’s Inspiration: At the age of 32, I was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters worse, while going through surgical procedures and receiving radiation treatment, I had to deal with the bitter news of the sudden death of my husband.
As fragile as I was, I found myself having to simultaneously confront the death of my husband together and the possibility of my own death. I knew then that I had to find ways to live – not just survive. As a young widow with two small children, I began my long journey towards widening her understandings.


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Ruth Tel-Tsur was born in Israel in 1935 and grew up in Afikim, a “kibuts” in the Jordan Valley. Although she had a pleasant childhood, she was always aware of the suffering around her. Little did she know then that later on she herself will be exposed to a great tragedy. Today, Tel-Tsur lives and works in Tel-Aviv. She enjoys spending time with her two lovely sons and their families, which include her six wonderful grand children. Tel-Tsur also happily runs a successful private clinic. She continues to write and publish books. Her charming picture-book for young children is soon to be available on Amazon.

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There Are No Do-Overs: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS is a great read for those who follow business and basketball. 

Book Description: Mixing business and sports terminology, There Are No Do-Overs is a management book that will change the way you think about business. From the start of the process until the very end, this book will show you how to bring your A-game. 

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Hitting Fear Head On: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: HITTING FEAR HEAD ON is an inspirational and uplifting memoir that readers will be moved by. 


“Laurie Boggs’ survival of the tragic ordeal makes her a heroine in my eyes. Hitting Fear Head On is a true life account that is gripping and compelling. This book is a true testament to the power of love, courage, and fortitude. You will be touched.”


Book Description: One of a parent’s greatest fears in life is the loss of a child. This memoir demonstrates the tenacity of one family that is faced with uncertain, trying times following their son’s tragic death. Explore their story, and gain inspiration and hope after even the darkest of times. 

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It took 14 years to write Hitting Fear Head On. Many volunteers stepped up to the plate to help me succeed as a published author. There are many others who gave me their shoulders to cry on and gave me the strength to continue. Thank you, all. My beautiful husband, Biff, for all the rewriting and for being patient with the brain injury, your enduring love, unwavering support and understanding propelled me to live our dreams. God and Preston, I am grateful for being sent back to Earth to live in my broken body and shattered dreams. I had no idea how much you both loved me. Thank you for your unconditional love and for teaching me the freedom to soar. I love you all. Our hearts are never apart! 

Author’s Website: www.laurieboggs.com

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One Liners For Life: Free Top-Selling Self-Help on Kindle

Editor’s Note: With ONE LINERS FOR LIFE, your happier life is just a one line message away!

Book Description: Wouldn’t you agree it’s usually the simplest ideas in their simplest form that produce the highest impact on the quality of our lives?

One Liners for Life gives you over 400 inspirational one liners filled with common sense that will inspire your best life. An easy to read, fun listing of one line messages to help remind you how to have the life of your dreams.


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Susan Spira. Writer. Lover. Life-Enthusiast. Life Coach. Speaker. Her readers call her a “breath of fresh air” with a zany, down-to-earth “tell it like it is” style and a passion for personal reflection, inspiration, and daily laughter. Susan is an everywoman who embraces her life, her joy, and her best. Over her thirty year career and many professional roles in health care, business, and education Susan has been dedicated to helping others better their lives. Susan sees all lives as a mystery of untapped potential just waiting for the right catalyst to break it loose. Susan’s intentions are simple: to share down-to-earth, practical insights, and re-thinks with humor and “human-ness” with the hopes it will help others to unlock their potential and brighten their days.

Visit Susan’s website!

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Better Early Marriage Life: Free Self-Help on Kindle

Editor’s Note: BETTER EARLY MARRIAGE LIFE includes many practical and easy-to-implement tools to make all aspects of your life easy, comfortable, exciting, and enriching.

Book Description: We have gathered the Cosmic Laws of Positive Thinking, which have proven themselves and have become the cornerstones of Positive Thinking over countless years, into this book. Any law we describe is accompanied by exercises and enriched by simple visualization techniques.

This book will give you the opportunity to create change in your life in the areas where body and soul are crying out for change.

Author’s Inspiration: Today, in my 40’s, so many friends of ours are getting divorced. It’s like an epidemic, that effects entire families. I am sure, that by giving you, the reader, strong foundations for your marriage, we are paving your marriage route for many more years to come. We wanted to write a professional but easy and funny book, that will give you an empowering and practical guide to a wonderful and fulfilling marriage life.

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Working with your mother doesn’t sound to most people like the best idea. Thank god we are not most people! We, Mother, Rivka (78) and daughter, Shirly (guess from the picture…), are engaged for more than 25 years in bringing the message of Positive Thinking to adults and children in Israel. We wrote 7 books together, some of them best sellers, and recorded several disks on meditation for children, teens and adults. Our guidelines for our work were always: make it easy, practical and fun. 

Visit their website!

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Mindfulness 101: Free Self-Help on Kindle

Editor’s Note: MINDFULNESS 101 will help the meditation enthusiast who believes that they are too busy to practice.

Book Description:  This is book for those who want to learn an unique way to meditate by being in the present moment. Many people do not have the time or patience to sit still for 15 – 20 minutes to meditate but still want to reap the rewards meditation such as relieving stress. This book will tell you how to practice mindfulness while doing many of your normal mundane tasks and includes a list of quick 3 – 5 minute exercises to help foster mindfulness.

Author’s Inspiration: I love to meditate but find it hard in our busy lifestyle to sit still in a separate area for 15 – 20 minutes to meditate. I discovered that mindfulness and the concept of “living in the moment” is a form of mediation and it is ideal for the busy modern person. 

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I love to find new ways to stay healthy and fit mentally as well as physically and share my experiences with others through writing. Right now my favorite endeavors to write about are yoga and meditation. By reading my books I hope to educate and motivate my readers to learn different ways to stay fit such as learning ways to meditate. Anyway I can help someone stay fit, relieve stress and improve mental clarity I am interested in sharing and learning about.


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How To Make Money Blogging: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING is an Instructional guide to grow your blog’s traffic and earnings.

The steps are digestible, not overwhelming, and logical.

Book Description: After readers of my blog found out that blogging was my full-time job I was inundated with questions. I wrote this book in response to all the questions I received. The book outlines the steps that I took to grow my blog into a website receiving over 500,000 page views a month and a full-time income. Since releasing it on Amazon I have been thrilled with the response, it now has 4.4 star rating with 225 reviews – I hope you find it helpful as well!

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I love talking about online business and blogging. I make my living from my personal finance blog, but I really get jazzed when I get to help others grow their businesses or blogs. So, that is what inspired me to write it and what keeps me writing and consulting with clients – I love it!

Author’s Website: www.blogbusiness101.com

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Sips for the Soul: Free Number 1 Selling Self-Help on Kindle

Editor’s Note: The quotes in SIPS FOR THE SOUL are short, and easy to remember and share.

Book Description: This is not your usual quotes book. All of the quotes in this book are short but powerful quotes about life. All quotes are ten words or less. Reading each one is like taking a sip or your favorite hot beverage.

Author’s Inspiration: The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series was my inspiration for creating this book series.

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In addition to being an author, I am an Information Technology professional with a background in the fields of Psychology and Self Improvement. I absolutely love the creative process involved in publishing books and each book is a labor of love for me. I love anything that is inspirational, motivational, positive, encouraging and uplifting. I am highly committed to providing “information, inspiration, and ideas” that will uplift and encourage you.

I am a Christian. I am a mother and wife. My mother just recently passed away. She was always supportive of my various endeavors – big or small. Therefore, I dedicate my current and future books to the memory of my mother, Mayola Taylor.

Visit Millicent’s website!

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A Compendium of Souls: Free Spiritual Healing on Kindle

Editor’s Note: A COMPENDIUM OF SOULS will help you know which spirits to invoke, and how, for specific problems.

Book Description: This book is about which spirits to invoke in times of trouble. Whatever issue, worry or concern you have can be miraculously transformed if you only ask for the proper help. Often people make a homogenized request out into the universe but this rarely answers any prayers.- so I have detailed a collection of souls who are masters at dealing with certain situations and want to offer their assistance to any who ask.

Author’s Inspiration: As an international 5th generation medium and psychic, I find it disturbing to see how much misinformation the is fed t the public by people with letters after their name. I actually wrote this book for anyone who was desperate for help and needed results fast, and detailed exactly how to make the connection. It has been remarkable seeing the shift in peoples lives when given the right spirits to invoke. and to see the miraculous events unfold after so much trial and error.

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I am not really an author, but a psychic-medium whose been in the field and at the hub of the metaphysical world all of my life. I presently live in Colorado and love the waterfalls and wildlife, not to mention going to the natural hot springs and old mountain towns. I have lived all over the world but love the peace and tranquility the mountains provide. My favorite show is House Hunters on HG TV, and my secret goal is to have an animal sanctuary.

Visit Angel’s website!

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The Triptych Force: I AM – Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: THE TRIPTYCH FORCE: I AM is a Christian Spiritual handbook to aid any seeker on their path.

Book Description:  It is part 1 of a 3 part eBook series (or eTrilogy) about God and His relationship to His creation. It is Biblically based and through scripture, paints a vivid picture of what God intended, when He created us and this world. God wants a relationship with us and for us to know Him. The Triptych Force: I AM has gathered together dozens of scripture passages that teach about the Most High. Anyone who desires a deep and personal relationship with God can gain insight and knowledge through this series. Seek and you shall Find.

Readers who love Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle will love this book. 

Author’s Inspiration: After 25+ years of reading ancient texts from around the world, it is now time to share with the world what I have learned.

Get This Kindle Book Free 4/6- 4/10


My name is Michelle Carbotte. In my early twenties, I stepped outside my Roman Catholic box and began exploring other faiths, in search of wisdom and a deeper relationship with my Creator. Knowledge is not true knowledge unless it is shared and so it is my pleasure to share with the world the wonderful things I have learned about God, the purpose for Creation and His will for our lives. Learn and Live your personal purpose and embrace a deeply meaningful relationship with God.


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