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Editor’s Note: FROZEN PROSPECTS is a riveting epic fantasy set in a magical world. 

Book Description: Enter the unforgiving world of the White Spike Mountains, where Va’del’s people have been living for centuries, sheltered from the elements by a series of caves and a strict policy of non-involvement with the people in the lowlands. Despite their precautions, the only thing that has allowed Va’del’s people to survive this long is the magic wielded by the Guadel. They are men and women who wield a dangerous magic that only functions when both genders work together. Depending on which set of rumors you believe, the Guadel are either saints or fiends. Va’del is about to find out firsthand what it means to be a Guadel.

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Dean started reading voraciously in the second grade and has spent most of his time since in other people’s worlds. After reading every sci-fi and fantasy in several libraries, he started spending more time wandering around worlds of his own. He first began writing while finishing up his accounting degree. Currently, Dean has a wonderful wife and two sweet daughters to keep him more grounded, but the thought of bringing others along with him as he travels to new worlds keeps him writing regularly. 

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