Strange Events and Grid-Down Situations: Free Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks

Solar Storm (Book 1) on Kindle

Solar Storm (Book 1) by Marcus Richardson: Solar Storm is 280 page novel for those wanting a story that relates how the average citizen—not a super-soldier—reacts and adapts in a nationwide grid-down situation in contrast to his wife, an airline pilot, and his daughter, a college student. It is the story of change, survival, and ultimately the strength of one man’s love for his family.

This book is Free on April 25, 2022

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Dreck on Kindle

Dreck by Alex Grass: A post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh has become the epicenter of strange events. Strange events that Long War veteran, Frank Attanasio, is unwittingly tangled into. When the man-beast known as Dreck appears in Frank’s mortuary, his already-weird world veers into the downright bizarre.

This book is Free on April 25, 2022


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