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Editor’s Note: We’ve found a cozy paranormal mystery that had us wanting more. It’s a quick read but full of action and intrigue. So get it and see for yourself! 

Loose Ends is spooky, funny, and left me wanting more!

Book Description: Mary O’Reilly, a former Chicago cop, has a secret – she can see dead people. As a private investigator, it’s great skill to have when you’re trying to find the bad guys. As a fairly new resident in the small town of Freeport, it can lead people to some incorrect and fairly outlandish conclusions. This time, when she’s investigating the murders of five little girls by a serial killer, it can lead to her death.

Readers who love Dearly Departed in Deadwood, Ghost Whisperer, and A Hidden Witch will enjoy LOOSE ENDS. 

Author’s Inspiration: As a freelance writer for a local newspaper, I was given the assignment to write the feature article for the Halloween section. Imagine my surprise when I met with many people who had ghostly experiences of their own. Five years and hundreds of stories later, I knew it was time to write my own story.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Emma Stone

From the Book: She turned in her bed and looked up at him. He was dressed in gray, a Union soldier. His uniform was riddled with bullet holes and thick, red blood slowly seeped from each opening. But the blood dripping on her bed was not coming from those oozing apertures. No, the blood dripped from the stump where his head used to be.

Plunk. Plunk. Plunk.

She watched as the blood pooled on the comforter.

“Crap, this is going to stain!”

She closed her eyes for a moment and then pushed herself up in her bed. 

“Look, I’ve just had a really bad day and I can’t deal with you tonight. Okay?”

He paused… and straightened. After contemplating her response for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders, turned and slowly shuffled out of the room.

“And try to keep your blood off the new tiles in the kitchen,” she called after him.

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Terri Reid


Terri Reid is the author of the Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries. An indie author, Reid uploaded her first book “Loose Ends” in August 2010. By the end of 2012, “Loose Ends” had sold over 82,000 copies and, has consistently ranked as one of the Top Ten book in Amazon’s ranking of Ghost Stories in the Book/Literature & Fiction/Genre Fiction/Horror/Ghosts section and in the same area in the Kindle eBooks section. She has nine other books in the Mary O’Reilly Series and has enjoyed Top Rated and Hot New Release status for many of them in the Women Sleuths category through Amazon US. Her books have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese and are also now also available in print and audio versions. 

Reid has been quoted in a number of books about the self-publishing industry including “Let’s Get Digital” by David Gaughran and “Interviews with Indie Authors: Top Tips from Successful Self-Published Authors” by Claire and Tim Ridgway. She was also honored to have some of her works included in A. J. Abbiati’s book “The NORTAV Method for Writers – The Secrets to Constructing Prose Like the Pros.” She has also had the distinct privilege of guest blogging for Joe Konrath.

Reid is from Northwest Illinois, near the town of Freeport, the home of her fictional characters. Her background is in marketing and public relations. She is married, is the mother of seven children and the grandmother of eleven. Her constant writing companions are Riley, a Bernese Mountain Dog-Golden Retriever mix; Hans, a German Shepard mix; and McDuff, a Siamese cat.

I live in an old farmhouse on five acres of rolling land. The house is about 150 years old and has a great history of its own. We’ve recently converted the walk-up attic to my personal office space. I love it because it reminds me of a place one of my favorite characters – Jo Marsh from “Little Women” – would hang out. Depending on what scene I’m writing, I will listen to Celtic music, New Age Music or good old Rock and Roll.

Author Website:

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A Soul To Steal (The Sanheim Chronicles, Book One) : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: We got chills from reading this supernatural thriller! Check this one out if you want a good heart racing read! 

It has both the twists and turns of a clever whodunit and the edginess of a supernatural thriller.

Book Description: Two reporters on the trail of a serial killer discover he’s not the only monster haunting their town. A gripping supernatural thriller featured on USA Today, A Soul to Steal combines mystery, suspense and urban fantasy. Readers have praised it for its intense plotting and riveting characters.

Those who enjoy Stephen King, Jim Butcher, and Joss Whedon will like A SOUL TO STEAL.  

Author’s Inspiration:  In third grade, my class was shown the Disney cartoon version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” I never fully recovered. Since that time, I’ve been a huge fan of the Headless Horseman. When I wrote my first novel, I wanted to bring the character back in a way that didn’t rehash Washington Irving’s classic. 

Ultimately, I created a trilogy of novels (the third one hasn’t been released yet) that incorporates the Headless Horseman into a totally different mythology set in the modern world.

From the Book: Change is inevitable, but there are times in life when we must make a stand. I intend to do so. My medium is the one best understood by every being on this planet, from the lowly maggot to us—fear. 

I will be the thing people fear. And for all time, my name will send a shiver down everyone’s spine. It will become synonymous with the creeping darkness. 

Today is the first day of October. By the end of it, five women, five men and five children will be rotting in the ground. You cannot stop me, just as you cannot stop change. I am night. I am cold. I am flesh rent and torn. I am steel. I am the harbinger of fall: I am death.

You can call me Lord Halloween.

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Rob Blackwell


Rob Blackwell has only ever wanted to be a writer. He graduated college and became a journalist, eventually working his way to become Washington bureau chief of a national newspaper. In his spare time, he started writing novels, finally putting those stories that had been rattling around his head to paper.

He is the author of two novels, “A Soul to Steal,” and its sequel, “Band of Demons.” He is currently working on the third book in The Sanheim Chronicles trilogy and the start of a new urban fantasy series. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

Favorite Music:  I am currently obsessed with what’s called “Epic Trailer” music. This is music that’s been used for movie trailers but isn’t included in the actual film. It’s usually grand, sweeping and perfect for listening to while writing. Honestly, I enjoy it so much I listen to it in the car, on my bike, etc. It makes me feel like I’m living in a really cool movie.

Connect with Rob:

The Watchtower – Free eBook for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: The Watchtower series is a combination of ancient and Christian mythology with some new twists! 

A fun, fast and light read.

Book Description: THE WATCHTOWER is the first book in a series about a bunch of paranormal people dealing with their demons and trying to save the world from real ones…


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This book is free until March 2014.

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