Eccentric Vagabonds and Black Magic Rituals: Free Horror eBooks

Goat Song on Kindle

Goat Song by Thomas Drago: “Thomas Drago shines a sickly spotlight on the hellish secrets below Crow Creek in his fast-paced thriller, Goat Song. Blending small-town suspicions, the odd world of local theatre, personal demons, and black magic rituals, this quick read is unpredictable and unnerving as the plot spirals into darkness.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

This book is Free on March 30, 2020


Gods and Psychopaths (Book 1) on Kindle

Gods and Psychopaths (Book 1) by Louis Park: Cain is a psychopathic and eccentric vagabond that takes his first steps into murderous vigilantism. Unfortunately for him, a sadistic and bored deity - in the guise of a black Scottish Terrier - takes notice of his violence and forces Cain to be its personal entertainer by offering him a deal he can’t refuse.

This book is Free on March 30, 2020

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