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Goddess Legacy: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: GODDESS LEGACY is a coming of age romance with friendship, heartache, betrayal, and love.


I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, fantasy, and interesting twists throughout.

Book Description:  Goddess Legacy is book one in the bestselling Goddess Series. It’s about a teenage girl who discovers on her seventeenth birthday that her mother hadn’t died but that she is actually a Greek Goddess and over the next year of her life, Legacy is changing into one, too

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write a book where the heroine had the chance to become powerful in her own right, rather than by association to the hero.

M.W. Muse 

M.W. Muse is an award-winning, best selling author…under a different name. Her alter-ego writes in adult genres for multiple publishers, but her love of young adult stories geared for the upper end of that spectrum, termed “New Adult”, made her seek a new outlet for those young adult characters swimming around in her head. She still spends most of her time living in her other reality, but is looking forward to spending more time focusing on the younger side of love.


ECHO’S Revenge: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: In ECHO’S REVENGE two brothers survive the most terrifying game of their lives. 

This was a fun and fast read that kept me guessing till the end.

Book Description: “ECHO’s Revenge” is the account of 77 elite ECHO-6 gamers who are stalked, abducted, and imprisoned by the next version of the game boss they have battled numerous times in previous online versions of the game. ECHO-7 has found a way to break the confines of its own design and devise a strategy to pick the players off one by one, only this time in the real world. This first book in the seven book series chronicles the drama of two of the elite gamers who happen to be brothers, Reggie and Jeremy King. In recounting the brothers’ harrowing experience, gamers not only learn how to beat the ECHO-7 game monster, but how to accomplish more than they could ever imagine in the real world.

Author’s Inspiration: Having worked for many years as a producer in the simulation/game industry, I was inspired to write about the day to day realities of the game design process and how technology has evolved faster than our ability to manage artificially intelligent game robots. ” ECHO’s Revenge” is a modern “Frankenstein” story set in the world of online and reality gaming. The seven novel series is a reality game thriller based on real technology which exists today. I hope this series will stimulate young technologists to become more aware of the ethical consequences of the new forms of artificial intelligence they will one day create.

This Kindle book is FREE 8/16-8/18


Sean Austin

I became an author because I wanted to document some of the amazing (and sometimes accidental) results that occur when groups of mechanics, programmers, engineers and game designers get together to create a reality-based game. What can gamers learn from a tech-inspired narrative that combines emotional and logical responses in the real world of Alternate Reality Games?  

 I am a huge fanatic of any kind of Bar-B-Que and protein smoothies I concoct before my daily exercise. My two favorite TV shows I enjoy watching are “Attack of the Show,” getting all my video game related updates, and “Game of Thrones.” I got hooked and can’t miss a single episode on Sunday nights.

Author’s Website: www.echohunt.com

Autumn Magic: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: AUTUMN MAGIC is a historical young adult fantasy set in Ancient Japan.


The book is beautiful and filled with lovely imagery and fun conversation.


Book Description:  Raised in exile, Wren is ignorant of the Capital and its magicians. Her sister Sky remembers the city and will do anything, even leave Wren behind, to return there. When tragedy strikes at Sky’s wedding, Wren embarks on a journey to save her sister and to return honour to her family. Can she overcome the dark forces from the west, rescue her sister and embrace the world of magic unfolding around her?

Author’s Inspiration: At university I studied Ancient Japanese literature – I was captivated by Heian period Japan. Autumn Magic is set in a fantastical ancient Japan – with a bit of Russian fairytale thrown in as well. Just look out for the swans!

Get the Kindle book for FREE on August 16-18. 

Triana Willard

I was born and raised in Missouri, USA, but I moved to New Zealand at the age of 18. I have been writing since the age of 5 and I always knew that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. That growing up has taken a bit longer than I expected, but now that my four children are in school I have the time and space to write full time. I love writing tales of magic and fantasy because they let me be as crazy and creative with my stories as I like.


Gravity: Free Young Adult Kindle Book

Editor’s Note:  Ghostly happenings plague teenager Ariel after her friend goes missing in GRAVITY.

Book Description:  Ariel’s best friend, Jenna, goes missing one night and no knows what happened to her. Ariel has to navigate her social life while strange nightmares of the town orphanage and other ghostly visions plague her, somehow related to her missing friend. She doesn’t know who to trust as new friends and old enemies piece together the truth about what is going on in the small town of Hell.

Author’s Inspiration:  An extremely creepy, abandoned seminary in my hometown. It’s four stories tall and very intimidating on the outside, and it’s been the site of a fire and numerous incidents of vandalism. Everyone in town thinks the place is haunted, and I always thought it would make a good story. My mom gave me a photograph of it from the 1800s that she found at a yard sale, and I had it hanging above my desk the entire time I wrote the first draft of what would become Gravity.

Get the eBook for FREE on 8/14. 

Abigail Boyd

I became an author because books have always been like friends to me. From the time I was little, I wrote stories, and I knew pretty early that I wanted to pursue being a professional author because it was what I loved to do most. I started actually taking it seriously after my second child was born, because I needed an escape, so I’d stay up when everyone else went to sleep and tinker with my stories. Gravity is the story I started with because it’s what I wanted in a scary story–it isn’t just about things that go bump in the night (although those are definitely there, bumping away) but also about testing friendships and laughing when times get hard.


Strike: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: In STRIKE a C-student class clown is the world’s last hope… Yikes.

Book Description:  When Tobin Lloyd wakes up in the world of Capricious, a place where superheroes are real and attacks by super-villains are just another hassle of living in the city, he suddenly realizes his senior year of high school is not going as he expected. On the run with a beer-drinking dog, a genius, three-foot-tall robot, and a retired superhero, he must somehow, someway find a way back home, all while trying to discover who is chasing him…

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always loved superheroes and stories about high school, so I wanted to write a story about a kid who is looking forward to nothing more than coasting through his senior year…until suddenly he finds himself in a world filled with things he has seen only in the movies and comic books.  And I wanted him to react how I would react:  by being really afraid, nausesous, and pretty sure he’s gone nuts.
Get the Kindle book for FREE on 8/13.  

Charlie Wood

Charlie Wood lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Kate, and his comic book collection which is increasingly taking up way too much space. His favorite superhero is Nightcrawler, and when he was younger he used to get depressed because Kitty Pryde and the other X-Men are not real. (This still often depresses him.) 


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